Connecticut: The Constitution State

Its official nickname is “The Constitution State”. The capital is Hartford. Connecticut is New England’s southernmost state. Many bankers and businessmen from New York City live here. You are guaranteed to encounter these during your Connecticut Vacation.

History of Connecticut

According to growtheology, the name Connecticut comes from the word Quinnehtukcut, which means “along the long tidal river” in the language of the Algonquin Indians. The first European discoverer of Connecticut was Dutchman Adriaen Block. After his exploration of the area in 1614, Dutch fur traders continued up the Connecticut River – called Versche Rivier by them. They built a fort near present-day Hartford and called this settlement ‘House of Hope’. Governor of New Netherland Peter Stuyvesant negotiated with English envoys in 1650 about a permanent border between the Dutch and English colonies. They agreed that the border would be about 80 kilometers west of Huis van Hoop. With this, the Dutch left Connecticut.

In 1701, Yale University was founded, one of the most highly regarded private universities in the United States. This university has been located in New Haven since 1714. During the American Civil War, the state sided with the Union.


The state of Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the country. A Connecticut holiday is also often combined with surrounding states. Connecticut borders New York State to the west, Massachusetts to the north, and Rhode Island to the east. The south of the state borders Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.
The north of the state is mountainous and hilly, the south fairly flat. Connecticut has many lakes and rivers, the most important of which is the Connecticut, which flows south from Massachusetts past Hartford to the ocean.


The capital of Connecticut is Hartford and is located in the middle of the state on the Connecticut River. This is a nice town to visit during your Connecticut vacation. Here you can see a number of old houses and there is a beautiful state capitol. More New England can be found in the northwestern part of the state, where the hills merge into the Berkshires of Massachusetts.


Mystic is a nice town by the sea. Here you’ll see the sea everywhere, from the popular Mystic Seaport, a recreated 19th century seafaring village, to the recently renovated Mystic Aquarium, where you can see beluga whales, seals and dolphins. The colonial-era buildings in Old Mystic village are home to some excellent seafood restaurants, a historic atmosphere, and several unique gift shops. You can also have lunch during your Connecticut vacation at Mystic Pizza, the eatery made famous thanks to the movie of the same name, starring Julia Roberts.

The Constitution State