The Middle East is the designation for an area that lies partly in Southeastern Europe, partly in Western Asia and partly in North Africa.

According to COUNTRYAAH, the countries and territories in the Middle East (West Asia) include: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In a broader definition of the Middle East, the countries in North Africa are also included. These are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Sudan. The countries together in the Middle East and North Africa can be referred to with the English term MENA, the Middle East and North Africa.

Important sea routes in the Middle East are the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Aden, the Bab el Mandab, the Arabian Sea.

The Gulf of Oman is the northwestern part of the Arabian Sea, which is connected to the Persian Gulf by the Strait of Hormuz. The region is strategically very important because a large part of the world consumption of petroleum comes from.

Palm Deira, UAE

Palm Deira is one of the three Palm Islands in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is fully completed and put into operation, neighboring Palm Jabal Ali has only outlines, and Palm Deira is about a quarter built. If everything goes according to plans, in the future the island of Deira (namely, this is how the project has been officially called for some time now) should become the largest and most impressive.

The project of this island complex was developed by the government of the country and personally by the sheikh to attract tourists. Despite the fact that the idea is not completed (and, given all the circumstances, it is not known whether it will ever be completed), travelers show a noticeable interest in the “palm trees”.

Between Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira is another well-known Emirati long-term construction – the artificial archipelagos “World” and “Universe”.

How to get to Palm Deira

Palm Deira is located on the border of Dubai and Sharjah, not far from the Palm Deira metro station; a trip to this station will cost from 4 to 8.50 AED depending on the distance. A taxi ride around the city costs around 10 AED. The prices on the page are for September 2021.

Since the construction of Palm Deira is far from completion, it will not be possible to get to the island itself yet, although the bridge connecting the mainland with the base of the palm tree was opened back in 2016.


Palm Deira currently does not have a single hotel, but in the future it should house the world’s largest hotel chains, apartment complexes, as well as about 8,000 villas, many of which will be rented out.

Tourists now stop in the nearby Deira area. There are options for every budget – from modest hostels, where they charge 40 AED for a place in a room for ten, to luxurious “fives”, where they do not charge less than 600 AED per night even in the lowest season.

Of all the areas in Dubai, Deira is considered one of the most inexpensive. Even cheaper – in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah.

Shopping on Palm Deira

In the future, Palm Deira should become a real shopping capital, standing out even against the backdrop of Dubai. The most famous shopping center projects on Palm Deira are Deira Night Souk, an almost 2 km long market square that will stretch along the coast of the “base of the palm tree”, as well as Deira Mall, a mega mall with a promised area of ​​600,000 square meters. m.

In the meantime, tourists can go shopping in Deira shopping centers – Waterfront Market, Reef Mall, Deira City Center or Twin Towers Shopping Mall, as well as Dubai Spice Souk, Old Souk or Naif Souk.


The Palm Deira project is impressive. This is an artificial island in the form of a huge palm tree, similar to Palm Jumeirah, but as much as 8 times larger. The distance from the coast to the “top” is 14 km, the width is 8.5 km. The “leaves” will be made different in length, and between them a distance of 800 m to 3 km will be laid. The authors of the project take into account the mistakes of the first “palm”, where, due to narrow bays, water between the “leaves” stagnates and blooms. The 21 km long crescent moon surrounding the “crown” should become the world’s largest breakwater.

If the project is completed in the form in which it was conceived, Palm Deira will receive the status of the largest artificial island on the planet, where about a million people will live.

Palma is planned to be built up with high-rise buildings, shopping centers, sports clubs, entertainment centers and villas with private pools; well, the beaches on the archipelago are promised a total of as much as 400 km.

Palm Deira, UAE