Tours in Belize

The small state of Belize, which is comfortably located between Guatemala and Mexico, is a small piece of heaven on earth. Tours to Belize, located just a 2-hour flight from the United States, can amaze with their mysterious treasures: a butterfly farm and the Belize Zoo, unusual eco-tourism, coral landscapes and the mysteries of the ancient Maya, the sights of Belmopan, Belize City.

A beach holiday in Belize will attract fans of water sports and always successful fishing, those who love to soak up the warm white sand, and those who love to explore the seabed and its inhabitants through the thickness of clear, purest water.

Belize tour operator will offer an elite unforgettable vacation with a departure from Moscow and other regions of Russia in a country that belongs to the world’s resort pearls: luxury hotels and numerous restaurants with local spicy cuisine, upscale nightlife in many clubs and bars. As well as complete unity with the unique nature of a small state with a great history.

The writer Aldous Huxley realized that the unknown of Belize was his greatest resource. Today, Belize, just 2 hours from the US, is nature’s hidden secret. Belize is full of incredible secrets: its coast is an exceptional natural system, consisting of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, atolls, several hundred sand reefs, mangrove forests, coastal lagoons and estuaries. Beneath the waters of the Caribbean Sea lies a world full of color, movement and incredible marine life. Belize also has an incredible number of beautiful little explored caves full of wonders and secrets. You will find that Belize is a spiritual landscape, a Caribbean gateway to the ancient Mayan world, a perfect balance between human creation and the wild beauty of nature.
Today’s descendants are very different from the ancient Maya, today in Belize a large number of cultures exist peacefully together, shoulder to shoulder. So much diversity on earth, under water and underground. Belize’s culture is a unique blend of European, East Indian, North American, African, Mestizo and Mayan cultures.
The slopes of the Belize mountains are covered with beautiful forests. Tropical forests are almost impenetrable, they are almost constantly 100% humidity and they are distinguished by a huge variety of plant and animal species. In Belize, there are 5 different types of wild cats, howler monkeys, tapirs and many others. 75% of the territory of Belize is covered with tropical forests, half of them are protected.
Exploring tropical waterways is a great way to discover Belize. An incredible adventure will be for you a forest canopy tour, where you will soar above the most beautiful tropical greenery, see, hear and feel the local nature.

Time: 10 hours behind Moscow (summer), 9 hours (in winter).

Money: Belize dollar (BZD). 1USD = 1BZD. One Belize dollar is equal to 100 cents.

Language: English (the only English-speaking country in Central America). Belizeans also speak English-based Creole. Other languages ​​spoken in Belize include Spanish, Maya, Garifuna and Mandarin.

Capital: Belmopan (about 13.6 thousand people), but the largest city of the state is the city of Belize (about 70.8 thousand people).

Population: According to a2zgov, Belize has a population of approximately 311,000.

Geography: Belize is a small country in Central America on the Yucatan Peninsula. The total area of ​​the country is about 22.9 thousand square meters. km. It borders Mexico to the west and north and Guatemala to the south and southwest. From the east, Belize is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Climate: subtropical, dominated by strong trade winds from the Caribbean Sea and an average temperature of 26.6°C. Belize has two seasons: the dry season from December to May and the “green or rainy season” from June to November. Any day of the year, you will call this place heaven on earth.

Government: Belize gained independence from the UK in 1981, formerly British Honduras. Belize is now a parliamentary democracy and Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth. Monarchy, the head of state is the Queen of Great Britain, represented by the Governor General.
Executive power is exercised by the government headed by the prime minister. They are the leader of the party who has received a majority in the parliamentary elections, which are held every 5 years.

About half of the population is Catholic, and Protestantism is also widespread.

Official holidays and days off in Belize:
January 1 – New Year
March 9 – Baron Bliss Day (in honor of the Englishman Sir Henry Edward Ernst Victor Vliss, patron saint of Belize)
March-April – Easter
May 1 – Labor Day
May 24 – Commonwealth Day
10 September – Feast of St. George Kay
September 21 – Independence Day (in 1981)
October 12 – Columbus Day (Pan American Day)
November 19 – Garifuna Day
December 25-26 – Christmas Day
off – Saturday, Sunday

Russian citizens require a visa. The term of registration, necessary documents and the cost of a visa are specified when booking a tour. Only citizens of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, EU, Caribbean countries and countries of Central America do not need a visa.
To visit Belize, Russians need a visa, it should be issued at the British Embassy in Moscow. It is necessary to provide the consular department with a passport valid for the entire period of the intended stay, a questionnaire, 2 photographs, an invitation or confirmation of a hotel reservation, round-trip tickets and documents confirming the ability to pay your expenses during your stay in the country at a rate of at least 50 USD per day.

Same system of electricity as in the USA: 110 volts.

Customs regulations and restrictions in Belize:
Duty-free import is allowed:
– 0.5 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength of more than 22 degrees or up to 2 liters – with a strength of less than 22 degrees;
– 200 pieces of cigarettes (10 packs) or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.
The import of perishable products is prohibited.
The export of corals, raw coral products, as well as the export of sea shells and tortoise shells is prohibited.
Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. Amounts over 10,000 USD must be declared.

Tours in Belize