Tips to Show Your Bra without Losing Elegance

The bra is a piece considered as one of the woman’s best friends. They help diminish, cramp, enhance, sustain and even enlarge the breasts. But believe me, there are women who when they can, and even when they should not, dispense with the”company” of the bra.

There are a plethora of different models of bra on the market. Be it in color, colored, black, nude, white, or in the model as with a strap, without a strap, it will fall, with bulge, without bulge, with pedrarias, prints, lace among other numerous and rich details.

So that you enjoy every season of the year with elegance, so that the bra stays the show, but without becoming vulgar, we will give several tips here for you!

Bra Fashion

  • Bras of lace that stood out with the character of Dira Paes, Dona Norminha nanovela Caminho das Índias.
  • A fashion not so out of fashion, launched by Carolina Dieckmann in Brazil, are the neons bras, super colorful, with the handles always on display. There are several ways to show the bra, whether it be for impact or to launch fashion.

So that you can unite these two”quesitos” without losing the elegance, we will give tips here for you to always hit. Be stylish and not cheesy or vulgar.

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How to Show Bra Without Losing Elegance

  • Always use with confidence. Try to match the bra with your shoe or your purse, to emphasize it even more.
  • Keep the bras semi covered.
  • Always consider the material and color of the bra when choosing. For example, if a red color bra with a white t-shirt shows a very different base than if combining a common black bra.
  • Try the bras with simple clothes. Often, or usually, style charm is in the simplest way of dressing. So, the bra becomes a detail in evidence.
  • Always use common sense. You should at least know what works and what does not. So you’re the only one who knows if a piece does or does not suit your style.

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Costume Tips

– Look For Party

The dresses will take that fall are super gorgeous and are most suitable for girls who have little bust. However, some dresses do not give a beautiful effect that we hope. To solve this problem, choose a bra with the same color and texture of the dress, when so, you can even bet on the strap in the bra without fear, but provided that these two items are equal.

The bra will make it fall, which has no strap, often bothers women, making them feel uncomfortable as they have to always adjust the dress.

– Casual Look

Great options in this case, are the bras that will fall, the tracks, better known as top. For they can be worn with more dug-up battens and regattas. The side part is the show leaving the look a little sexy besides well stripped and comfortable.

– Fashion Look

The lace pieces should be combined with the same style material. Nothing to match a lace top with flat-bra bras or colorful bras. Do not break the charm, because the income already shows sensuality by itself.

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Styles of Bras

– Woman Flex-is a multifunctional bra, which you can create different models by removing or adapting the straps in any way you want to use at any occasion. Ideal for times when you choose your bare back or a more daring neckline.

– It would take that fall-Super popular, the takedown that falls is the most basic and traditional. So that you can keep your breasts firm, when you wear a dress it will fall, you must remove the straps. However, you can leave them, but as long as the texture and color of the bra are the same.

– Single front-It is the model that skirts the bra straps around the neck. The straps of this bra model are covered when worn with blouses or dress that are also single front. It is an ideal piece for those who want to turn their backs on the show, and even if it is so”different” this model can support the breasts, giving security to the woman. And you can get more from Uptonstyles.

– One-Shoulder-Perfect! You can choose which side the handle will be on, leaving the other side of the shoulder free.

– Single central front with straps-The straps of this model are located close to the neck, in a straight line. They allow the shoulders to look good.

– Crossed Straps-When you choose to wear blouses that exposes the shoulders and back, you need to be very careful not to leave part of the bra off. For these cases, an ideal option is to articulate the bra straps in cross-shaped format.

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Attention girls as there is certain type of bra for each. You should not shop for bra for aesthetic reasons without having any concern for your health. Therefore, the choice should not be taken into consideration just the appearance, because your choice has to be healthy.

  • A tighter bra model can end up causing back pain, headaches, and even bring consequences like indigestion.
  • There are cases where women suffer from abrasions, poor posture and chest pains.
  • Some breast pain or abrasions may appear with the use of a wrong type of bra.
  • There are women who pull the loops in favor of comfort, and do not even imagine that this factor ruins the structure of the piece and ends up overloading the back, causing muscle pain.

The ideal bra should balance the weight of the breasts between the strap attached to the back and the straps, thus preventing the shoulders and back from becoming tense. The bra needs to fit properly. You should not go up when you lift your arms or cause shoulder depression.

When buying a bra, do the same when you buy a shoe, try it! Check out the comfort of the shoulder and back straps.