The Look Right:Pants Color Didn’t Die!

A few years ago (more precisely 2014) we saw a real epidemic of male colored jeans, man, all unsmiling in dark jeans, went on to take other colors on the bottom of the look that it wasn’t for the neutral and it’s really changed the way we started to see the fashion and our relationship with the clothes.

As all sets can generate a counter wave and 1 year later saw the shops being invaded by the navy who brought back the Navy as the visual base male, making everything more behaved and traditional, however that doesn’t mean that there is no room for strong colors from the waist down, quite the contrary, and the look of the time shows this very well.

Why does it work?

If the navy (marine) this high two seasons or more there is a need for something that contrast in certain occasions and orange and earth tones are ideal for this, making pants these colors gain extra breath. A nice thing of this look is to choose this off-white shirt, when a marine or white would be obvious options, tom worked very well with the underside and lends a rustic appeal to all that pleased me too much.

Footwear and accessories

The contrast was left for the shoes (tennis shoes moccasin type) and the canvas bag. As the look is casual no need that the color of the belt matches the shoe or other leather items, what matters is that he’s on vibe’s look. The bracelets are estilão cool and relax.


a hat and a necklace around his neck, there is still room for stylish accessories that look! You can also exchange the shoes for loafers!

It wouldn’t be the same if …

changed the color pants for a pair of jeans, in this case it is the focal point of the look and the entire company focused on play, it is easy to notice the choices made.

In short:

  • Pants color still have plenty of wood to burn, continue creating looks with them;
  • Earthy tones and orange pants work well in summer;
  • Off-white shirts give a rustic touch in looks cool;
  • make contrast with accessories and shoes, especially in marine color;
  • Add a few more items if you find convenient, a hat, perhaps?
  • Rethink the jeans as a logical choice for all, dare more!

Additional tips:

For fat -be careful with the washing in the legs, can thicken them too much.

For short people -a slightly elongated beak footwear and tom around the pants can lengthen the silhouette.

For altões -wear the shirt showing the belt is a good way to slice the silhouette and give a slight flattened.