St. George Deposit+Puket

It’s been a while since I speak and indicate the virtual store of the Warehouse Are Jorge and how much is a great option to buy lingerie a lot cheaper than any other place.

Even for pregnant and post partum women has all the variety in elastic stockings, breastfeeding BRA, braces, lingeies,etc.

Now the news is that it also has a part Baby socks and sneakers of Puket (who also showed here ) and cheaper (I mean a lot!) that the own brand shop in malls.

Which is great, because despite using every day in these socks Bruna and worship, are pretty disposable and very weak quality, because they form little balls on the first wash.

Now we’re going to analyze the items that I bought this time, all of Phuket:

1–despite being male, I loved this half with tennis and drawing became a free in the foot because it seems a Bootie! It has polka dots on the bottom but as anti slippery floors all half as thick, lasts a short time and soon will stop at the ankle.

2-Shoes with non-slip sole whole-had this model and I love because it leaves little of the foot. In fact I still prefer those that has polka dots and not the bottom.

3-pet sneaker-I found a funny when I saw on the site but this was rejected. The rubber band around the foot is fine and doesn’t hold anything and fluffy without the elastic in the back of the feet you have two jobs, one for and another to go out the next minute!

As the sizes are for 3 numbering, my advice is to always buy the half more tight. This time I bought the 19 to 22 since the 19 and was pretty pants Bruna great.