Rock City Gardens – Lake Rock City in Georgia

Spot the slogans ” See Rock City ” on the barn roofs and walls as you travel the Southeast and Midwest United States. Over 900 barn roofs in nineteen states were painted for the Rock City attraction from 1935 to 1969 to commemorate the Rock City Gardens landmark. Barns can be found along highways from Georgia to Michigan and west to Texas. See to learn more about the state of Georgia.

Rock City is located in the beautiful Lookout Mountains near Ruby Falls in the state of Georgia. About six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Past massive ancient rock formations, meandering rock trails lead you through gardens of native trees and plants, with views of the High Falls waterfall.

Hike through tunnels and caves past small waterfalls and interesting rock formations. The bizarre rock formations of the Balanced Rock and Fat Man’s Squeeze are particularly well known .

Another attraction are the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village, rock caves with sculptures decorated with blackish. Those looking to exercise can climb the 25-foot Climbing Wall, which is open April through October.

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A suspension bridge leads to the Lover’s Leap. If you don’t want to walk this suspension bridge, you can also get to Lover’s Leap by a fixed path.

Lover’s Leap
Legend has it that a Chickasaw Indian and a Cherokee Indian woman were romantically involved. However, the Chickasaw Indian was captured by Cherokee warriors and thrown off the Yonah Mountains. The desperate Cherokee Indian then jumped over the edge of the Lover’s Leaps in deep despair and grief for her lost love.

Today, visitors to Lover’s Leap lookout can enjoy a beautiful view of the High Falls of the Lookout Mountains. A “Seven States Plaza” sign points in the direction of individual states. From here you can see in the direction of 7 US states. Couples are welcome to get married at Lover’s Leap.
Below Lover’s Leap there is a rock formation that looks like a face, the “Stone Face”. The face is especially visible when you walk the Enchanted Trail with its small bridges, and you have a breathtaking view over the Chattanooga Valley and Missionary Ridge from here.

High Falls of Lookout Mountain
The High Falls of Lookout Mountain are a man-made waterfall in Rock City Gardens. The waterfall is 140 feet (43 m) high and flows into a small pool.

Overnight accommodation at Rock City Park

Hotel accommodations are atop the Lookout Mountains or stay 6 miles in Chattanooga.

Dining options include Big Rock Grill, Cafe 7, Cliff Terrace, Starbucks, Dippin Dots, Fudge Kitchen and Rock City’s Fudge Kitchen.
You can shop at Gardens Gateway Gift Shop, Cliff Terrace Gift Shop, Woodland Wonders, Cornerstone Station and Prospector’s Point.

Events at Rock City Gardens

Since 2006, Rock City Gardens has hosted daily Birds of Prey shows. In the fall there is a corn maze below the gardens. You can get a good view of the maze from the Lover’s Leap viewpoint.
Each season brings a new reason to visit Rock City Gardens. Special events take place throughout the year, some of which we have put together for you here:

Shamrock City in Rock City
Shamrock City is Rock City’s annual Irish festival. This St Patrick’s Day Celebration includes Live Irish Music, Irish Jig Lessons, Irish Food, Irish Beer, Green Wine, Costumes and lots of fun. As an attraction, the water of the High Falls flows green. Shamrock City always takes place in March.

Fairytale Night – the fairytale night in Rock City
Fairytale Night is the springtime adventure in Rock City. Experience a fairy tale night in Rock City and make your dreams come true. Whether magic in the kingdom; Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf or Cinderella in the Gardens, everything comes true.

On EarthDayz, Rock City Gardens offers many outdoor events, from climbing the Rock City Climbing Wall to Lover’s Leap. Possibilities for reusing recycled materials are shown and knowledge about the American bird of prey is imparted.

Southern Blooms Festival
This festival celebrates the beauty of southern blooms. Garden tours, workshops, demonstrations and music are offered.

Summer Music Weekends Music
events often take place on weekends in summer. Enjoy the music and move to it.

Rocktoberfest is Rock City’s annual fall festival in October. After model of the German Oktoberfest. There is German live music, polka lessons, German cuisine, specialty beers, costumes and lots of fun for the whole family.

Enchanted Garden of Lights
A Rock City tradition is the Enchanted Garden of Lights during the holiday season. Miracles and magic are to be discovered. Christmas lights and decorations are everywhere, everything glitters and sparkles. Every year from November to January this Christmas attraction takes place in Rock City. Extended opening times invite you to take a trip in the dark.

History of Rock City Gardens

Since 1823 the impressive place Rock City in the Lookout Mountains has been reported. Even at the time of the Civil War, there were people reporting that peaks in seven states could be seen.
Only when the first hotels were built on the summit and the railway went there did it become an attraction. A fairyland was created with fairytale characters, sculptures, gardens and wildflowers were planted. When the words “See Rock City” got on the barn roofs in the area, the Rock City Gardens attraction became well known and the number of visitors increased rapidly.
Rock City became even more attractive when the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village emerged.

Opening hours & entrance fees to the Rock City Gardens

Admission to Rock City Gardens is $19.95 for adults and $11.95 for children. If you are planning to visit the Rock City Garden a second time, it is worth getting an annual pass, which allows you to visit the Rock City Garden for free all year round. Rock City is almost always open. However, it may be temporarily closed in the event of a storm.

Attractions near Rock City

Georgia attractions near Rock City Gardens include Ruby Falls, Cloudland Canyon, the Incline Railway, Tennessee Aquarium and the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.

Getting there & getting to the Rock City Gardens

Rock City Gardens is located on beautiful Lookout Mountain in Georgia; located approximately six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Parking at Rock City Gardens is free.

Address to the Rock City Gardens attraction in Georgia

Rock City Gardens
1400 Patten Road
Lookout Mountain, Georgia 30750

Lake Rock City in Georgia