Rivers and Mountains in Rhode Island

According to Abbreviationfinder, with population of 1,059,361, Rhode Island is the 45th largest state among U.S. 50 states, and RI is the two letter abbreviation for Rhode Island. Here, we provide a list of major rivers and mountains in the state of Rhode Island.

Rivers and Mountains in Rhode Island

Rivers in the state of Rhode Island

Pawcatuck River
This river flows in the states of Rhode Island and Connecticut. From the source to the mouth, it covers a distance of approx. 55 km through the landscape. It originates from the Worden Pond in South Kingston and flows into Little Narragansett Bay.

Providence River
The southern part of the 13 km long river has been straightened in favor of inland navigation. It is formed by the two tributaries Woonasquatucket and Moshassuck in downtown Providence and flows into Narragansett Bay after 13 km.

Warren River
The river is formed by the two rivers Palmer River and Barrington River and flows about 6.5 km, whereupon it flows into the Narrangansett Bay.

Sunrise over Narragansett Bay

Mountains in the state of Rhode Island

The highest point in Rhode Island is Jerimoth Hill, which is 247 m high – it is located in Providence County in the northwest of the state near the Connecticut border.

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Lakes and reservoirs in the state of Rhode Island

Sacituate Reservoir
The Sacituate Reservoir is the largest inland body of water in the state of Rhode Island. It is a reservoir that was created around 1870 to ensure a stable water supply for the ever-growing industry in Providence.

Worden Pond
The Worden Pond is the largest natural body of water in Rhode Island. The lake is only half an hour away from Providence or Newport and offers numerous leisure activities such as fishing, canoeing, camping or bike tours.

Watchaug Pond
The Watchaug Pond is a natural body of water, and is quite a bit deeper than most of the lakes in Rhode Island. The distinctive natural landscape that surrounds the lake is particularly worth seeing. You can go fishing, there are campsites and swimming spots and there are many hiking trails.

Pascoag Reservoir
This is a reservoir that is fed by the Pascoag River. The surrounding area invites to beautiful walks along the lake and fishing and canoeing are also available here.