Rivers and Mountains in New Jersey

According to Abbreviationfinder, with population of 8,882,190, New Jersey is the 11th largest state among U.S. 50 states, and NJ is the two letter abbreviation for New Jersey. Here, we provide a list of major rivers and mountains in the state of New Jersey.

Rivers and Mountains in New Jersey

Rivers in New Jersey

Hudson River
The Hudson River is a 507 km long river, which is mainly located in the state of New York and forms part of the New Jersey border. The city of Jersey City is on the Hudson River. It is also described as the Rhine of America because it is one of the most important rivers of the states on the east coast and drains large areas with its tributaries that surround it. It rises in Henderson Lake in Newcomb, NY and flows into Upper New York Bay.

Delaware River
The Delaware River is approximately 595 km long and its two source rivers are the East Branch Delaware River and the West Branch Delaware River and originate in the Catskill Mountains in New York. The Delawar River is a river steeped in history. This is how George Washington managed to surprise and decisively beat the British by crossing the river during the War of Independence. The Delaware River runs through the states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The Delaware River runs along almost the entire eastern border of the state of Pennsylvania. Three major sections of the river are protected as a National Wild and Scenic River. It flows into Delaware Bay, an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the two states of Delaware and New Jersey. The entire catchment area of ​​the Delaware River covers approximately 37,000 km². The river was named after the second governor of the former Virginia colony, Thomas West. This led to the title “Lord De La Warr” and thus gave the river its name.

Raritan River
The Raritan River is a 112 km long river, which is located exclusively in New Jersey. In the north of the state, it rises in the Appalachian Mountains and flows into Raritan Bay in the Atlantic. Its catchment area drains most of the mountainous area in northern Jersey. The water of the Raritan is essential for the drinking water supply of the state. Because of its purity, it is particularly popular with anglers, as there are many different types of fish in its waters.

Hackensack River
The 72 km Hackensack River, located in New Jersey and New York, is one of the most polluted rivers in the United States due to its location between the two very urban states. It originates in Rockland County in New York and flows into Newark Bay, the commercial extension of which it forms.

Passaic River
The nearly 130 km long Passaic River in northern New Jersey is the state’s problem flow. On its way from Mendham in Morris County to Newark Bay, there is an extremely tortuous route through the mountains in the north, the Great Swamps and industrialized areas. B. the urban city of Newark. Since the 18th century, the Passaic River has repeatedly been polluted by the disposal of urban waste. However, not only waste has contributed to the destruction of the river system, but also the construction of some hydroelectric power plants and its own perfect navigability, which was an important factor in the economic development of the state.

Musconetcong River
The approximately 74 km long Musconetcong River is a tributary of the Delaware River. The Musconetcong, which is located in northwest New Jersey and meanders through the mountainous area, rises between Morris and Sussex County in Musconetcong Lake. Parts of the river have been awarded the National Wild and Scenic River System in the United States, i.e. protected for the creation of nature reserves. Because it doesn’t flow through major cities, the Musconetcong River is one of the cleanest and clearest in New Jersey and includes a lot of unspoiled nature.

Mullica River
The Mullica River is an approximately 82 km long river in southern Jersey. It originates in Camden County not far from the Philadelphia border and – after meandering through the great region of the Pine Barrens – the Mullica River flows into the Great Bay in the Atlantic Ocean about 13 km from Atlantic City. The Mullica is said to be one of the most pristine and pure rivers in the United States.

Maurice River
The approximately 63 km long Maurice River, colloquially also called Morris River, is the second longest tributary of the Delaware Bay in Salem County in New Jersey. It is also one of the purest and cleanest rivers in Jersey and an important part that supplies the Wet Lands and the Pine Barrens in the south of the country. Its somewhat salty water is the reason for the growth of wild rice that is not found anywhere else in Jersey.

Manasquan River
The Manasquan River is an approximately 43 km long river in central Jersey. It begins in Monmouth County and flows between the two cities of Manasquan and Point Pleasant. It is the most popular boating river in the state and plays an important role in local recreation around Jersey Shore, the New Jersey coast. It also forms the traditional border between North Jersey and South Jersey.

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Mountains in New Jersey

Kittatinny Mountains
The Kittatinny Mountains are a mountain ridge in northwestern New Jersey. They belong to the Appalachian Mountains and are located in the so-called Ridge and Valley Province, which stretches from New York and New Jersey to Alabama. Its name comes from the vocabulary of the Lenni Lenape Indians and has translated “endless hills” for around 2000 years. At 550m, the high point is the highest mountain in the Kittatinny Mountains and also the highest point in New Jersey. The mountains consist of numerous waterfalls and cliffs – the Buttermilk Waterfall, which is located in the west of the foothills, is particularly breathtaking.

Rocky Hill Ridge
The Rocky Hill Ridge is a small mountain range, mostly made of diabase, that runs in southeastern New Jersey. It is approximately 15 km long and runs along the Millestone River through Monmouth County and Somerset County.

Schooleys Mountain
In northern New Jersey are the Schooleys Mountains, a small mountain range that stretches from Lake Hopatcong in the north to the Hamptons in the south. It runs almost parallel to the Kittatinny Mountains. The highest point of the schooleys is approximately 500 high. Part of the Patriots Path, a 56 km long hiking trail, leads through the mountain ridge, which is still partly undeveloped and consists of numerous waterfalls, cliffs and threads.

Lakes in New Jersey

Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey has a large number of rivers, but lakes are rather rare in the state. The most important and with about 10 km² largest freshwater lake in the state is Lake Hopatcong, which lies between Morris and Sussex County in the northern mountains and was only enlarged to its present area by the accumulation of the Hopatcong. After the Delaware River, it has the largest number of different fish species in the state. Its beaches at Lake Hopatcong State Park are particularly popular.

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