Rivers and Mountains in Nebraska

According to Abbreviationfinder, with population of 1,934,408, Nebraska is the 38th largest state among U.S. 50 states, and NE is the two letter abbreviation for Nebraska. Here, we provide a list of major rivers and mountains in the state of Nebraska.

Rivers and Mountains in Nebraska

Rivers in Nebraska

It’s not for nothing that he is called Missouri “Big Muddy”. The Missouri River, consisting of a high proportion of mud, is the longest river in the United States at approximately 4,130 km and covers a sixth of the country’s total area with its catchment area of ​​1,371,010 km². It got its name from the Indian tribe of the Missouri. The Missouri River forms the exact border between the states of Nebraska and Missouri and was an important trade route for the state.

The Platte River is a 500 km long tributary of the Missouri that once flows across Nebraska. The river originates in northern North Platte and divides towards Wyoming into the North Platte River and towards Colorado into the South Platte River. The catchment area of ​​the Platte River is approximately 233,100 km². The Platte River is a wide but flat river. It is said in the people’s mouth that it is about 1.6 km wide at its widest point, but only 16 cm deep. He runs comparatively little water through the dry area of ​​the prairie; often only sludge masses.

Niobara River
The Niobara River is a tributary of the Missouri River and is part of the Mississippi River system. Its length is approximately 693 km. It rises in the High Plains in Wyoming and then flows southeast to Nebraska. Its source height is approximately 1,676 m. The Ponca tribe is still located in the lower valley of the Niobara, directly to the Missouri estuary near Knox County, Ne.

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Mountains in Nebraska

Panorama Point
Nebraska is a flat country. The prairie is particularly characterized by a steppe-like vegetation and it is therefore not surprising that the search for a mountain in Nebraska proves to be almost as difficult as the search for a pin in a haystack. At 1,653 m, Panaroma Point is the highest point in Nebraska. You can find him on a bison ranch not far from the border with the neighboring states of Wyoming and Colorado in Kimball County (1 mile away). Despite its height, the Panorama Point is not regarded as a mountain but rather as a natural elevation of the High Plains. On a clear day you can even see the Rocky Mountains from it.

Chimney Rock

Lakes and reservoirs in Nebraska


Because the drought in Nebraska tends to be short of water, there are only a few lakes in the state for bathing and relaxing. Most rivers carry a lot of mud and beautiful, clear swimming lakes are rather rare in Nebraska. However, what you find more and more often as you drive through the endless expanses are the so-called ponds, in which the animals of agriculture cool down in summer. Cows lying in the pools and allowing themselves to cool off at 40 ° degrees in the shade are not a rare picture. However, since snakes and snapping turtles abound in Nebraska, people are more likely to avoid them.

Lake McConaughy
Lake McConaughy is a reservoir of the North Platte River and is 14 km north of Ogalla. It was built between 1936 and 1941 and is a popular local vacation destination for the Nebraskans. It is approx. 35 km long, 6.4 km wide and measures 43 m at its lowest point. Especially in the hot and dry summer, it is the perfect place for fishing, boating, camping or water sports.