Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s restaurants offer guests a seductive mix of traditional European dishes and exotic ingredients and spices.

The restaurants below are divided into the following categories:

Expensive (over R $ 200),
moderate (R $ 50 to R $ 200),
inexpensive (up to R $ 50).

It is the average price for a three-course menu for one person and half a bottle of the cheapest wine or house wine. The VAT is included, but not the service fee.

A VAT of 5% and a service charge of 10-15% are added to the bill in most restaurants.

Payment by credit card is now possible in many restaurants, only small or older restaurants expect cash payment. You should inquire by phone whether and which credit cards are accepted.



The award-winning Antiquarius is one of Rio’s best restaurants. Classic Portuguese cuisine is served. The elegant, antique interior is also for sale – hence the name of the restaurant.

We recommend the perna de carneiro (leg of lamb), the lobster thermidor and the more than 50 types of bacalhau (salted cod). The long, impressive wine list includes wines from France, Spain and Portugal. Reservations are recommended.

Address: Leblon, R. Aristides Espínola, 19, 22440-050 Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (021) 22 94 10 49.


The elegant and highly valued Satyricon specializes in seafood and is known for the superior quality of its cuisine and impeccable service. It is definitely the best Mediterranean restaurant in Rio.

The extensive wine list offers a variety of wines from the Old and New World as well as port, sherry and dessert wine.

Address: Ipanema, R. Barão da Torre, 192, 22411-000 Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (021) 25 21 06 27.

Le Pre Catelan

Between the Copabana and Ipanema beaches, Le Pré Catalan is the city’s restaurant that most consistently engages in culinary experiments. Ingredients from the Amazon region combine with French haute cuisine, and the result is a journey into the wonderful world of Brazilian jungle cuisine.

The four Michelin star chef Roland Villard loves to personally greet his guests at the table and explain his creations to them.

Address: Copacabana, Av. Atlântica, 22070-002 Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: (21) 25 25 11 60.



In this magical garden and terrace restaurant, some of the most delicious dishes from Rio are on the menu, which are characterized by intense exotic flavors as well as strong European influences.

The salad of palm hearts is tender and delicious, the fleshy white cod perfectly combined with spicy sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Desserts such as the fruity mango sorbet or the Portuguese crème brûlée are as sweet and wonderful as the surroundings.

Open only Friday to Sunday evenings.

Address: R. Aprazível, 20241-270 Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 25 08 91 74.

Bar do Arnaudo

This tiny, rustic combination of restaurant and bar is located in the alternative-oriented district of Santa Teresa. Through the swinging doors you enter a wood-paneled restaurant that is decorated with handicrafts and antiques.

The wine is served in a jug; there is also beer and caipirinhas.

Classic dishes from Brazil’s northeastern cuisine are popular. B.  carne do sol (sun-dried beef), feijão de corda (black beans in herb sauce) and queijo coalho (grilled cheese on a stick).

Credit cards are not accepted.

Address: Santa Teresa, R. Alm.Alexandrino, 316, 20241-260 Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 22 52 72 46.

Miam Miam

Miam Miam represents a new concept in Rio. Its location – tucked away on a side street of Botafogo – is unusual and not easy to find, but that is part of its charm.

Everything you see is for sale, including the furniture. The chic meeting place swims at the top of the trend wave and, on top of that, simply serves delicious home-style cooking, which you can comfortably sit on the sofa and chat with your friends from a bowl.

Address: R. Gen. Góes Monteiro, 22290-080 Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: (21) 22 44 01 25.



The Frontera is one of the best restaurants for travelers on a budget. There is a large and varied buffet with international dishes that are of good quality and offer excellent value for money. It is perfect for a light lunch before or after visiting the beach.

If you love large portions, you should consider that the food is paid for by weight.

Address: Ipanema, R. Visc. de Pirajá, 22410-000 Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: (21) 32 89 23 50.


In this old-fashioned restaurant with its frosted glass windows and lively atmosphere, you can join the locals with a refreshing glass of chopp  (draft beer). Smartly dressed waiters serve drinks, hot dishes and sandwiches to a mixed clientele until 6 a.m. The filet mignon sandwich with pineapple is recommended. Closed on Monday.

Address: Av. Prado Júnior, 335, 22011-040 Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: (21) 22 75 61 47.

Aipo & Aipim

The best solution for those on a tight budget is this comida a quilo or weight-based restaurant, of which there are many in Rio de Janeiro.

The Aipo & Aipim chain is one of the most popular. As in the other  quilo restaurants, you serve as much salad or other dishes on your plate, let it weigh and pay after your meal. This system is simple, efficient and very inexpensive.

Address: R. do Ouvidor, 20040-030 Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 22 22 34 23.