Plant Life and Wildlife in Argentina

Plant life in Argentina

The vegetation varies with latitude and precipitation conditions. Farther to the northeast are subtropical forests. Here, among other things, the yerbatre, an evergreen tree in the holly family. The leaves from this provide teen maté, which is widely consumed in Argentina and other South American countries. Gran Chaco has deciduous trees, palm trees, thorn bushes, grass savannas and swamps. The eastern slopes of the Andes and several of the lower mountain ranges are wooded, in the north with subtropical mountain forests, in the south with temperate species such as southern beech and pine. The Puna de Atacama in the northern part of the Andes is part of the high, barren desert characterized by salt plains and low grasshouses. Pampas has a small forest and consists mostly of open grassland. Patagonia is, for the most part, desert or desert-like steppe with grasshouses, small thorns and scattered pastures in the valleys.

Wildlife in Argentina

In Argentina’s northern forests, among others, live jaguar, ozelot, crab bear, giant ant hatch and capuchin rape . There are also many representatives of colorful tropical bird families: parrots, trogons, toucans and hummingbirds. Caymans (members of the alligator family) occur in the great rivers.

Myocastor coypus

Two wild camels (in addition to the domesticated llama ) live in the Andes. The Vikunja is found only in the northwest, while Uanakoeng occurs south of Patagonia. Other known animals in the mountains are cougar, chinchillas, duck condor and duck flamingo. The distinctive bird family of grouse snipers (former mountain runners) comprises four species and is found only in the Andes.

Guinea pigs occur in most biotopes from forest to desert. The long-legged pamphara or mara resides in the bush desert and grassland. The deer animals are also widespread and are represented by seven species. pampas deer, hippocamelus and spear stags. Two giant rodents are found in swamp areas: riverine t in the northeast and beaver rat or swamp beaver in many places. The latter has been subjected to intense hunting and marketed as “nutria”.

Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Argentina’s bird fauna is very rich and includes more than 950 species. The ostrich-like large anandu resides on the plains and the slightly smaller mountain anandu in the mountains. Characteristic bird families include TINAMOU, seriemaer, treløpere, maurtroster and ovnsfugler.