Museum of World Treasures, Kansas

Come here and marvel at bones of lost creatures, Egyptian mummies, discover the mysteries of ancient civilizations and witness the battlefields of WWI? The World History Museum in Wichita, Kansas – USA is spread over three floors and offers many surprises around every corner. See to learn more about the state of Kansas.

Among the many exhibits are the Tyrannosaurus, Daspletosaurus and Tylosaurus specimens, signatures of every American president, pieces of the Berlin Wall and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Sections in the Museum of World Treasures are not limited to specific time periods in history, but are sorted by the variety of exhibits and areas of interest of visitors.

The mission of the World Treasures Museum is to provide a gateway to the past and to arouse the interest of visitors.

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History of the Museum of World Treasures

The museum was founded by Dr. Jon and Lorna Kardatzke and first opened on April 22, 2001 as the Museum of Ancient Treasures at the Garvey Building in downtown Wichita.

At the beginning, most of the exhibits came from the collection of the museum founder, Dr. Jon Kardatzke. The museum attracted many visitors and was involved in educating the people of Wichita. Over time, many collectors came and made their collections available to the museum in Wichita. In less than a year, the collection of exhibits at the Museum of World Treasures had grown significantly. There were now exhibits from over thirty individual private collections on important events and cultures from prehistory to the present day.

When the museum received three complete fossil dinosaur skeletons and the collections kept growing, the exhibition space was no longer sufficient and the museum had to find a new building. Finally, in 2003, the museum moved to the Farm and Art Market building in Old Town Wichita.

After moving, its name was changed to Museum of World Treasures. Today, there are over 300 collectors who display their exhibits at the Wichita museum. The museum itself owns about 75% of the artifacts.

Exhibitions at the Museum of World Treasures

Three floors of the museum represent different eras of world history. The individual floors can be reached via a central spiral staircase or a glass elevator that offers a wonderful view of the dinosaur exhibition. We have put together the individual exhibition areas for you here:

Creating the Crown
A new exhibition on the creation of the crown and the development of royal dynasties. Visit the museum and learn a lot about European royal families, the beginning of the great dynasties from the late Middle Ages through the Renaissance to modern times. In addition, cultural events in these times are shown with their influence.

Form and Function
Visit this exhibition and find out how much of the world was covered by ice during the Ice Age? In this exhibition the different form & function in the production of life in the Cenozoic are shown. Various species of mammals and fish from the Cenozoic era, which evolved after the dinosaur age, are exhibited here.

As it deals with a large amount of time, form and function, the exhibition focuses on three specific places and times:

  • Green River Formation: Fish from about 50 to 40 million years ago from Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.
  • North American Woodland: Mammals from about 34-24 million years ago from around Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota.
  • Ice Age: Mammals from about 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago from North America and Europe.

Crystallizing Cultures
A new exhibition entitled “Crystallization in Cultures: Geology, Minerals and Human Civilization.” Here the visitor can gain knowledge about the geological structures and bases of rocks and minerals.

Transcend: Religious and Royal Art of Asia
His latest exhibition “Transcend: Religious and Royal Art in Asia” describes the transmission of Hinduism and Buddhism across the Asian continent and their representation in religious sculpture. Artworks and artifacts from some Asian royalty are also on display here.

Romancing the West
We all know that the Wild West era was portrayed as more romantic than it really was. This fun and exciting exhibition describes how some of our ideas romanticized the “Old West” and what was really happening at the time.

Many stories are told here about how people imagine and have imagined life in the Wild West.

Treasures from the Grave Exhibit
This exhibit features exhibits from pre-Hispanic burial treasures from Latin and South America. These are displayed in groups by country or region. There are also objects from the Spanish Conquistador.

Many interactions are offered here on this topic. A giant magnetic map on which you can place the objects of the exhibition in the right place on the map. You will also learn how to count with the Mayan number system. In the third interactive area you can touch the different types of materials presented in the exhibition.

The main attraction of the Museum of World Treasures, Ivan is an extensive T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. Come here and see the first real Tyrannosaurus Rex in Kansas. Ivan the T-Rex skeleton was unearthed in northwestern South Dakota near the confluence of Little Missouri and Box Elder Creeks. It is about 40 feet long from nose to tail tip and 12 feet tall.

Other significant T-Rex exhibits are at the Field Museum in Chicago and Stan at the Black Hills Institute.

Berlin Wall
Here a piece of the Berlin Wall is shown in the Second World War exhibition. The exhibit weighs 4.5 tons and is 12 meters high. Extra supports had to be installed in the basement of the building to be able to carry the enormous weight of the Berlin Wall.

In addition to the exhibitions, the Museum of World Treasures offers a unique banquet hall ideal for weddings, birthdays, meetings and much more.

Museum of World Treasures, Kansas