Higher Education in Hawaii

Major Community Colleges in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a wide variety of community colleges that provide educational opportunities to students from a range of backgrounds. These colleges offer a range of degree and certificate programs, as well as vocational and technical training. They are also often the most affordable option for students looking to pursue higher education in the state.

The University of Hawaii is the largest public university system in Hawaii and consists of seven campuses across the state. The system includes four-year universities, two-year community colleges, and several satellite campuses offering specialized training in various fields. The University of Hawaii Community College (UHCC) is one of the two-year institutions within the system and serves more than 4,500 students at its five campuses on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii Island. UHCC offers associate degrees in areas such as business administration, liberal arts & sciences, computer science & engineering technology, health sciences & nursing professions, humanities & social sciences, science & mathematics education, and technical trades.

Kapiolani Community College (KCC) is another popular two-year college located in Honolulu on Oahu Island. Established in 1965 by the University of Hawaii system as an extension campus for UH Manoa’s School of Engineering and Technology program, KCC now offers more than 50 degree programs including business administration; liberal arts; computer information systems; culinary arts; hospitality management; nursing; engineering technology; paralegal studies; health information technology; graphic design; environmental studies; automotive technology; fire science technology; media production & digital media studies.

Honolulu Community College (HCC), also located on Oahu Island in Honolulu’s urban core area is one of several other two-year institutions providing educational opportunities to residents across the state. Established in 1970 by the University of Hawaii System Board of Regents as an extension campus for UH Manoa’s School of Education program, HCC now offers associate degrees in areas such as liberal arts & sciences, business administration, hospitality management, medical assisting, automotive technology, fire science technology, paralegal studies, graphic design, media production & digital media studies. In addition to its academic offerings HCC also provides career development services through its Career Education Center which assists students with finding internships or jobs after graduation.

Hawaii also has several private community colleges that provide educational opportunities to residents across the state including Heald College – Honolulu Campus; Kapiolani Community College – West Oahu Campus; Leeward Community College; Windward Community College; Chaminade University; Brigham Young University – Hawaii Campus; Pacific Rim Christian University; Word Of Life Bible Institute. These schools offer degrees ranging from Associate’s degrees to Bachelor’s degrees with specializations such as accounting or healthcare administration.

In conclusion, there are numerous community college options available throughout Hawaii that provide quality educational opportunities for aspiring professionals from all backgrounds looking to pursue their dreams while making an impact on their communities through meaningful work and research endeavors.

Top 3 Counties in Hawaii

According to COUNTRYAAH, the three top counties in Hawaii are Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai. Honolulu is the most populous county in Hawaii and is located on the island of Oahu. It is home to the state capital, Honolulu, as well as Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor. It has a population of over one million people and boasts a vibrant economy with a large number of businesses, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The city also has many cultural attractions such as Iolani Palace and Bishop Museum.

Maui is the second most populous county in Hawaii and is located on the island of Maui. It has a population of over 150 thousand people and is known for its beautiful beaches, lush valleys, and stunning mountain views. Popular tourist attractions include Haleakala National Park, Molokini Crater Marine Preserve, and Lahaina Historic District. The county also has numerous local restaurants that serve up delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

Kauai is the third most populous county in Hawaii and is located on the island of Kauai. It has a population of just over 70 thousand people but still offers plenty to do such as visiting Waimea Canyon State Park or taking part in activities at Na Pali Coast State Park. Other popular attractions include Wailua Falls Waterfall Trail or snorkeling at Poipu Beach Park. There are also plenty of delicious local eateries that serve up fresh seafood dishes such as poke bowls or laulau plates.

Top 3 Universities in Hawaii

The three top universities in Hawaii are the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii Pacific University, and Chaminade University. The University of Hawaii at Manoa is the flagship campus of the state system and is located in Honolulu. It offers over 200 academic programs in areas such as business, engineering, education, and social sciences. It also has a strong athletics program with teams competing in NCAA Division I sports.

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) is a private university located in downtown Honolulu. It offers a variety of degree programs including business administration, nursing, psychology, and computer science. HPU also provides unique opportunities for students to study abroad or participate in internships around the world.

Hawaii Pacific University

Chaminade University is a private Catholic university located in Honolulu. It offers over 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs with concentrations in areas like business administration, education leadership, and healthcare management. Chaminade also has an active student life with over 50 clubs and organizations for students to join. Additionally, it has an impressive athletics program with teams competing at the NCAA Division II level.