Geography of Springfield, Massachusetts


Springfield is at a natural crossroads, at the confluence of three rivers. The longest river in the New England states, the Connecticut River, flows through Springfield. On the Connecticut River is the confluence of the Westfield River and the Chicopee River in Springfield. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, but it is located in a fertile valley. To the west of Springfield are the Berkshires Mountains. North of Springfield are the Holyoke Mountains. Springfield is located at coordinates 42 ° 6′56 ″ N 72 ° 32′24 ″ W. According to the United States Census Bureau, Springfield has a total area of 85.66 km², of which 82.53 km² correspond to land and (3.65%) 3.13 km² is water.3

Physical geography and fauna

The Springfield Hornslayer is similar to the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Alps. The geography of Springfield changes according to the needs of each episode. It includes forests, grasslands, mountain ranges, deserts, a gorge, beaches, canyons, swamps, marshes, lakes, canals, ponds, and even a glacier. Sometimes it has been seen in the series that Springfield overlooks the coast, with access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, while other times plans of the horizon have been shown without traces of what the coast may be. The most important geographic locations are the Springfield Gorge, the Springfield National Forest, the volcano on Mount Springfield, the wilderness regions of Springfield (known as the Alkali Plains30), the Horn Killer (based on the Matterhorn), the Springfield Glacier, the National Park in Monte Útil, Springfield Hill, West Springfield (oilfield) and Springfield National Park. Wildlife includes brown bears and pumas in the forest, wolves, elk, raccoons and roe deer that roam the city, vultures on the plains, manatees on the southern coast, alligators in the marshes, snow leopards and mountain goats in the higher points and badgers in the hills.


According to the 2010 census, 4 there were 153,060 people residing in Springfield. The population density was 1,786.86 residents / km². Of the 153,060 residents, Springfield was made up of 51.83% white, 22.26% were African American, 0.64% were Amerindian, 2.44% were Asian, 0.08% were Pacific Islanders, 18.04% were of other races and 4.7 % belonged to two or more races. Of the total population, 38.84% were Hispanics or Latinos of any race.


Springfield is in an area that receives both heavy rain and heavy snowfall (even in the height of summer). Much of the year the sky seems to be clear and the days are sunny. Springfield is prone to extreme heat waves. In the United States, there is no geographic area that meets all of these weather conditions, which adds more uncertainty to the true location of the city, if any.

Springfield is sometimes close to the ocean, which should give a fairly humid climate, and sometimes it’s close to deserts and wastelands, which should result in a dry and arid climate. The proximity of mountain systems suggests that the town should be somehow protected from torrential rains and be whipped by unpredictable winds. In any case, it seems a constant fact that the town of Springfield is crossed by a river with considerable flow throughout the year. Springfield has experienced almost any type of natural disaster including avalanches, earthquakes, acid rain, floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and a meteorite impact.


  • “Dia del garrote” (Spanish America) or “El día del Apaleamiento” (Spain): day when Jebediah Springfield killed a snake with a club. It is celebrated by killing snakes with clubs. Richard Nixon and other characters participated in this party. It is celebrated at the beginning of May.
  • “The Day of Love”: a holiday invented by Constington’s stores.
  • Celebrations created by Mayor Joe Quimby such as “Michael Jackson’s Day”, “Snow Day”, “Homer Simpson’s Day”, or “Flaming Moe’s Day”, the latter coinciding with the non-fictional celebration ” Veteran’s Day “.
  • “Founders Day” 62 where the greatness of Jebediah Sprinfield is recognized. In one of those days Lisa discovers that this was a pirate, when indeed evidence is found that he carried a silver tongue.
  • “St. Patrick’s Day”: This day is celebrated by all the residents of Springfield by dressing all in green. There was a chapter in which by mistake Bart ends up drunk and another chapter in which the Irish from the south (dressed in green) end up fighting with the Irish from the north (dressed in orange), this is where the Hulk and the Mole make a cameo. And Homer ends up in jail
  • “Springfield Film Festival” where different films created by the people of Springfield are presented.
  • “Scotchtoberfest” was created by Skinner to catch one of the school’s delinquents.
  • “Mardi Gras Day”, where every year is celebrated in the courtyard of The Simpsons.
  • “The Culinary Chili Contest,” where Springfield residents enjoy chili, beef and beer tastings.
  • “The day we hate Springfield”, proclaimed by the president of the United States, which falls on December 25, thus coinciding with several religious holidays, one of the best known Christmas.

Geography of Springfield, Massachusetts