Eating in United States

Eat and drink

Fast food is probably what we most likely associate with American food. We also know this term and you have probably heard it before. It means “quick food”. You order and receive your food in a short time.

You can get fast food in one of the hamburger chains like McDonalds, for example. However, there are many more such chains and shops in the USA than here – and we already have quite a few. Often there is a drive-through counter (drive-through counter, we call it drive-in), where you can drive up directly with your car and then get your food straight into your car.

There are fast food restaurants not only for hamburgers and the like, but also for Spanish food such as tacos and burritos or Italian food such as pizza. At snack bars and food trucks (cars as snack stands), for example in New York, there are often gyros in addition to hamburgers and hot dogs.


Fast food is usually very high in fat and therefore unhealthy. In addition, it is often eaten quickly and you get hungry again quickly. In addition, very large portions are often offered cheaper in the USA. To get more information on United States and North America, check proexchangerates.

Sweet soft drinks such as cola and lemonade are also popular with this. Unfortunately, these preferences have led many Americans to struggle with being overweight.

Fight the fast food

There is really nothing to be said against an occasional hamburger with chips. But those who are often such products harm their body. And isn’t it much nicer to cook together? You then know exactly what is in the food and it is much healthier. You can also make hamburgers with fries yourself!

But Americans should not only be fast when they are on the move. Cooking at home is rare. A frozen pizza is better warmed up or there are hot dogs or noodles with a ready-made sauce made from powder.

But of course there is also another, quite diverse cuisine. American cuisine was influenced by immigrants from all over the world, but also by the region. There is a lot of fish and seafood by the sea, in the southern states people like to eat corn and poultry, in Louisiana they like the spicy Cajun and Creole cuisine. This includes, for example, jamabalaya, a rice dish. The so-called Tex-Mex cuisine is influenced by Texas and Mexico. Meat, beans and tacos are often included.

Morning, noon, evening?

Breakfast is called breakfast. Mostly these are breakfast cereals like cornflakes, preferably very sweet. The typical American breakfast (American Breakfast), however, is quite ample and served more on the weekend. Then there are pancakes with maple syrup, fried eggs, bacon, sausages and toast. Bread rolls and black bread are not available, you only eat white bread and sweets such as pancakes or muffins or bagels (these are the rolls with a hole in the middle).

There is lunch at noon. Children eat at school, adults get something at work or take their lunch break on the street to have a sandwich or some other snack.

Dinner then follows in the evening. If there is meat, it is mostly beef or chicken, and pork is eaten less often than here. Typical dishes are steaks, chicken wings or noodles with cheese sauce. Typical side dishes are French fries and baked potatoes. The selection of vegetables is rather small, with corn and broccoli being preferred. People also like to grill, which means here a barbecue, or BBQ for short.

Typical cakes from the USA are brownies and donuts, which we can now buy everywhere. Ice cream is also popular.