Dinosaur National Monument in Utah

Travel back in time to the world’s largest land animals. Discover fragments, rock paintings and a landscape where dinosaurs used to roam. Dinosaur enthusiasts will be thrilled when the adventure begins. Deep gorges, original bone fragments and rock drawings on the rocks can be discovered and explored. See existingcountries.com to learn more about the state of Utah.

The Dinosaur National Monument offers a variety of attractions and recreational opportunities. Whether you’re interested in dinosaur science, history or the landscape, you’ll find it here. Petroglyphs depict ancient stories and culture created by the Fremont Indians, Ute and Shoshone who lived in the area, later settlers also made their home here.

The Dinosaur Monument is located in the southeastern foothills of the Uinta Mountains – a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. The National Monument covers an area of ​​approximately 832.4 km². The eastern portion of the park is in the state of Colorado. The Harpers Corner road along the deep gorges with the Green River and Yampa River offers a breathtaking view. The western area of ​​the Dino Park with the world-famous dinosaur quarry is located in the state of Utah.

Dinosaur fossils can only be seen on the Utah side of the park. Approximately 1,500 dinosaur fossils can be found in the rock walls at the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall. Among them are dinosaurs like Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodicus and Stegosaurus. At one point you can touch a dinosaur fossil over 149,000,000 years old. The Quarry Visitor Center also has an exhibit and educational films about the park.
During the summer, shuttle buses run from the Quarry Visitor Center to the Quarry Exhibit Hall.

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History of Dinosaur National Monument Park

Earl Douglass, a paleontologist at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, discovered the first fossils in this area in 1909. It has been found that there are many bones of dinosaurs in this area.
After many finds of well-preserved dinosaur bones, the area was declared a national monument by US President Woodrow Wilson in 1915. However, at that time the area to be protected was only in Utah and was still very small, about 0.3 km² around the sites where the dinosaur bones were found. But in 1938 it was expanded to 832.4 km² and includes the gorges of Green River and Yampa River.

Activities & Things To Do in Dinosaur National Park

Whether it’s bird watching, camping, canoeing, rafting, fishing, swimming or just hiking, it’s all possible at Dinosaur Park. You can discover or explore dinosaurs and canyons alone or with guided tours through the Dinosaur National Monument Park. Particularly interesting is the drive on the Harpers Corner Road with a view of the deep gorges and natural beauty. Discover dinosaurs, murals, and fossils with a visit to Dinosaur National Monument Park.

Transportation & Travel Advice to Dinosaur National Monument Park

Four cobbled streets lead through Dinosaur National Monument Park. All other roads in the park are rubble and impassable when wet. There is no public transportation in the park, but Greyhound buses run between Denver and Salt Lake City, offering tours to Dinosaur National Monument.

Entrance fees & opening times at Dinosaur Park

The monument is open all year round. In the winter months, however, certain roads and facilities may be closed. The best way to find out more is to visit the Dinosaur National Monument website.

The Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center in the state of Utah is open year-round and is located near the dinosaur quarry. During the summer, shuttle buses from the Visitor Center take visitors to the Dinosaur Fossil Quarry. Between October and April, rangers drive visitors to the Quarry Exhibit Hall.

The Canyon Visitor Center in the state of Colorado is open late spring through early fall.
Dinosaur National Monument entrance fee is $10 for a private vehicle for 7 days. Motorbikes are $5 per rider, hikers and cyclists are $5 per person. These tickets are valid every 7 days. The Dinosaur National Monument AnnualPass is $20.

Camping and lodging in Dinosaur National Monument Park

Sleeping under a starry sky in nature is possible with permission at Dinosaur National Monument Park. Six different campsites offer accommodation options. There are three campsites on the Colorado side of Dinosaur National Monument and three on the Utah side.

Colorado campgrounds in Dinosaur National Monument Park

Echo Park Campground
Echo Park Campground is open year-round. There is water at the campsite only in summer. About 38 miles north of the Canyon Visitor Center is Echo Park Campground, where the Yampa River and Green River meet. During periods of heavy rain and snow, the roads to the campsite are difficult or impossible to drive on. You should also note that the camping ground can only be reached with off-road vehicles. Motorhomes have a hard time getting to the campsite through the narrow streets and the steep incline.

Gates of Lodore Campground
Gates of Lodore Campground is located 106 miles north of Canyon Visitor Center on the Green River at the Lodore Canyon Boat Launch. It’s open year-round, but winter access can be difficult. Water is only on in summer.

Deerlodge Park Campground
Deerlodge Park Campground is 53 miles east of the Canyon Visitor Center on the Yampa River at the boat launch at Yampa Canyon. Deerlodge Campground is open year round, but snow can make access difficult in winter. The campground may be flooded by the Yampa River, if this is a prospect the campground will be closed.

Utah Campgrounds Dinosaur National Monument Park

Green River Campground
Green River Campground is open from mid-April to early October. It’s about four miles east of the Quarry Visitor Center on Cub Creek Road.

Split Mountain Campground
Split Mountain Campground is open all year round but there is only water from early April to early October

Rainbow Park Campground
Open year-round, Rainbow Park Campground is located along the Green River about 28 miles from the Quarry Visitor Center. It is based on a gravel road which is impassable when wet. There is no running water.

Other accommodation options, such as hotels or motels, near the Dinosaur National Monument are in Vernal (Utah) and Craig (Colorado).

Directions to Dinosaur National Park

Dinosaur National Monument Park is located in both the states of Colorado and Utah. In Colorado, the Dinosaur Park is just off US Highway 40. In Utah, take US Highway 40 to Jensen and take Highway 149 north to the memorial.

Address to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah & Colorado

Dinosaur National Monument
4545 US 40, Dinosaur, CO, United States

Dinosaur National Monument visitor center
2430 S 9500 E, Jensen, UT, United States


Dinosaur National Monument in Utah