Buenos Aires Restaurants

Argentinians seem to live for food. Dinner is high on their list of daily activities, although most people eat their main meal very late, usually around 10 p.m. or later.

Traditional and modern restaurants with parrilla (grill) serve an abundance of meat dishes to their discerning customers. Pizzerias and pasta restaurants can be found on every street corner.

In the past decades, the culinary offer has revolutionized fairly, with many international influences, especially from the Mediterranean and Asia. Popular are e.g. B. Peruvian-Chinese fusion restaurants.

Argentina also has some of the best wines in the world that you should definitely try.

Smoking is prohibited in restaurants and bars.

The following restaurants are divided into three categories:

Expensive (over $ 150),
moderate ($ 60 to $ 150),
inexpensive (up to $ 60).

This is the average price for a three-course meal without wine. The table service is usually not included in the bill; Tipping is therefore welcome.


El Bistro

The decor alone would make a visit to the Faena Hotel + Universe, the restaurant of which Philippe Starck designed, worthwhile. The noble interior is a dream of dark red and muted white, with red-eyed unicorn heads on the wall.

The refined dishes fit perfectly into this extraordinary environment. The fascinating tasting menu is particularly impressive. It includes, among other things, Patagonian toad fish, a carpaccio of portobello mushrooms and a dessert consisting of an “egg” made of white chocolate with a tangerine “egg yolk”.

Those who are here on a Saturday evening can go for a cocktail in the “Bibliotek”, a bar, and listen to the extremely talented live band there.

Address: Puerto Madero, Martha Salotti, Buenos Aires
Phone: (011) 40 10 92 00.
Website: http://www.faenahotelanduniverse.com

La Bourgogne

The traditional and elegant interior of the Alvear Palace Hotel continues seamlessly in the exquisite La Bourgogne. It is one of the best restaurants in the city, where the local upper class and VIP visitors from abroad dine.

Chef Jean Paul Bondoux delights the discerning gourmets with a sophisticated mix of French and international cuisine and specialties from the grill.

The Chefsommerlier holds wine tastings for small and large groups in a rustic wine cellar under the restaurant. Sip on the Malbec from Mendoza, the Pinot Noir from Patagonia or the heavy honey-like Torrontés from the Salta region.

Address: Recoleta, Av Alvear, Buenos Aires
Phone: (011) 48 05 38 57.
Website: http://www.alvearpalace.com

La Cabaña

La Cabaña in the elegant district of Recoleta is the right place for first-class meat dishes. The restaurant in the style of a traditional estancia (ranch) extends over several floors and has a roof garden. The interior includes luxurious wooden furniture, rustic decoration and even stuffed cows.

The new menu combines modern and traditional Argentinian cuisine, which is particularly impressive with the many great grilled dishes ( a la parilla ).

Address: Puerto Madero, Av Alicia Moreau de Justo, Buenos Aires
Phone: (011) 43 14 37 10.
Website: http://www.lacabanabuenosaires.com.ar



The inventive menu of this popular restaurant in the former home of the Argentine sculptor Martín Vergara features international fusion dishes. The creative team has created a unique selection of dishes to pamper its elegant and discerning customers. Cheese cream brulee with duck and cashew nuts is just one of the unusual combinations on offer.

Address: Villa Crespo, Lerma, Buenos Aires
Telephone: (011) 47 72 19 36.


Even meat-loving Buenos Aires has vegetarian restaurants. In the artistic district of Palermo Viejo, this wonderful restaurant serves simple, homemade and natural dishes. Pasta, rice and soups are full of vegetables and are served with delicious homemade bread.

Address: Palermo, José Antonio Cabrera, Buenos Aires
Phone: (011) 48 63 42 42.
Website: http://www.artemisiaresto.com.ar


This wonderful, simple grill restaurant in San Telmo serves traditional meat dishes that come from every conceivable part of the cow and are all incredibly delicious.

The sight of all the meat sizzling on the grill ( parilla ) right next to the entrance is tempting. A second grill in the back of the restaurant is just as heavily loaded with delicacies. A red wine from San Telmo tastes particularly good with the selected piece of meat.

If you want to top it off afterwards, you shouldn’t miss the sweet dulce de leche pudding.

Address: San Telmo, Defensa, Buenos Aires
Telephone: (011) 43 00 90 81.


Galerias Pacifico

Most of the shopping centers have halls with numerous inexpensive fast-food restaurants. The Galerías Pacífico offers a selection of parrilla (grill) steaks, pasta and pizzas, deli salads, sushi and burgers.

Telephone: (011) 55 55 51 10.
Website: http://www.galeriaspacifico.com.ar

La Vieja Rotiseria

This place is great for trying quality Argentinean meat at low prices. The grill restaurant is very popular and has a lot of atmosphere. Guests can indulge in a wide range of grilled and other meat dishes without tearing a huge hole in the till.

Address: San Telmo, Defensa, Buenos Aires
Telephone: (011) 43 62 56 60.

Social Paraíso

Social Paraíso is a popular lunch spot in Palermo Viejo. With its compiled menus on the menu, it is one of the cheapest restaurants in town. The small and friendly restaurant has a simple decor and a good atmosphere. The food is always very tasty and the choice of dishes ranges from home cooking to exotic combinations.

Honduras 5182, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Address: Palermo Viejo, Honduras 5182, Buenos Aires
Telephone: (011) 48 31 45 56.

La Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires