When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises

The baby is here and just a few weeks after the birth of the abdomen should be beautiful best again flat – many moms wish. But in most cases the degeneration of the body does not go so quickly place such as woman’s dreams. The abdominal muscles were strong claims about the long period of pregnancy and stretched. To fortify the relaxed muscles again, needed a little consistent training.

In the first place, the pelvic floor needs to be strengthened. With the pelvic floor exercises the Mama can begin during the week bed also directly after the birth. The pelvic floor should be trained first, so that he can fulfill its supporting function well again. As a side effect, also the lower abdominal area will be streamlined.

When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises 1

Regular exercise: better daily short units

Then come the exercises to the regression. A vaginal birth, you can start after 6 weeks, when a caesarean section can started after 8 to 10 weeks are. This is not a marathon program! It’s better short, but every day to train as a one time two hours a week. So the MOM should take best regularly 15 minutes per day, to perform the exercises. The training should practice on the one hand at home even the woman. On the other hand, it is very important to visit a back formation course.

Here, a midwife or a physical therapist or a physiotherapist showing different exercises for the pelvic floor lift, for belly, legs and butt, but also back-strengthening and breast enhancing exercises. The instructor checks the right version and tips. If necessary, he corrected wrong movements. The health insurance covers the costs for 10 units of a course.

When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises 2

Tip: For women who take a course, training manuals on DVD or on the Internet can be very helpful.

First, the lateral abdominal muscles is trained each. As for the training of the straight stomach muscles a possible Rektusdiastase, the gap between the transverse abdominal muscle strands, must have formed closed or strong back. Otherwise, there is the danger that the gap opens again. Yourself, the midwife or the gynaecologist can check how far the gap is still open.

The MOM should warm up 10 minutes before the exercises, to prepare the muscles. It’s enough if she goes the last stretch at a rapid pace, for example, when walking with the baby. At home it can be March beautiful music a little on the spot, thereby lifting the knee and move the arms to.

When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises 3

Sit ups for the oblique abdominal muscles

Then, different exercises may follow. The sit-ups are the best known: on the back, the legs make up, say the knee angle, the finger of the right and left of the temples. Then shoulders and torso upwards bring, show it with the right elbow to left knee or show other way around with the left elbow to the left knee. When the volume is high, you should exhale and tighten the pelvic floor, while going deep, you should take a breath and relax the pelvic floor. Here for example 3 sets per page are offered depending on fitness level with 10 reps, between sets is inserted a short break. In these exercises, the woman it should take care not to pull on the head, the power should come alone from the middle of the body.

When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises 4

Always nice with hook trying to breathe at the rhythm and the pelvic floor and relax. Variations of the exercise are possible, by example, the heels are placed on a low stool.

Very important: do not over-exert yourself! Take time. Perform the exercises better slowly and carefully. Watch out for a precise execution and corresponding breathing. Jerky movements or a raising of the head must be avoided. Ask your midwife what exercises just for you are correct and to display these exercises.

When Should You Start Postnatal Exercises 5

Support for the regeneration of the body should be taken also on a healthy, balanced diet. The daily movement, which is anyway normal in everyday life with a baby, in the household, and with the whole family, also helps in the regression. Sports that put strain on the pelvic floor, the tendons and muscle apparatus, such as jogging or tennis should be initiated only after more than 16 weeks again. However, swimming are more likely to recommend skating or IC.
A tip at the end: Give yourself and your body enough time and have patience!