What Do You Think about When You Choose Your Lingerie?

The lingeries are always a subject that causes frisson at all ages, styles and women! After all, it seems that there is something mystical surroundings of those parts which must be beautiful, but not appear because always are under the clothes, there’s a whole issue of mystery–she’s wearing a suit? Is red? It’s beige and half not to mark the dress? Is Leopard or black? Often the lingerie is designed in only two cases: for who you will use (and show! ui!) or to be functional and make the clothes serve well.

What many forget is that there’s nothing like a good lingerie to make us feel confident! Tell me who never got the trump card to use a small set in the middle of the week, to go to work, well nice and wasn’t feeling amazing all day? The thought of Elle Macpherson that “If you are using a lingerie makes you feel glamorous, you’re halfway there to look at you.“-it’s all a matter of feeling well, dress for you, after all the clothes express nothing more, nothing less than your personality. And you can get more from chicrandolph.com.

The lingerie transcends the issue of the other, in fact, is for you that she does well, beautifies and pleases. Said Dita Von Teese: “for me, it’s not about lingerie seduction, it’s about being a woman.” Soon, how can a woman wear beige panties only outgoing or shy girl Leopard set? Of course we must dare and go out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, or else none of this would make sense, but you can’t be incompatible with your style. I bet after this reflection you will think twice when buying and using your lingerie.

How do you choose your lingerie?

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