Website for Pegnant Ladies

Today, the post is quick, practical and useful! I’m going to go through a list of the Top Five websites for you follow (and to keep up with you!) throughout pregnancy. Of course there’s a lot of them, but I selected the most – to facilitate life with baby in belly, full of doubt, and without a lot of time to be browsing the Internet. With this basic list, you won’t find hardly any topic that you are interested, or have to search a lot.

I added a brief summary of what is in each site and highlighted what I like them ok? Just read, access and choose the your favorite (s) (s). For those

who already know some of them (I bet you know at least one!): be sure to read, anyway what I’m talking about something you don’t know or haven’t realized that it is legal? Enjoy and leave in the comments your tips too, because they can help many pregnant women.

Come on

Love forever! In pregnancy the Leo was my safe haven, where was all the information I wanted. The site has it all: stories about baby care reports the list of blogs–but the partners that maternal think cooler still are the tools available that help a lot the new moms: pregnancy calculator, pregnancy, baby album, growth curve, list of names, trousseau’s Guide …

What I wore in the first pregnancy and still regularly use now is the part called “Pregnancy week to week”. It works like this: you click on the week you are (or that you are curious to know how it goes) and pops up a summary of what happens with the body of the mother and baby’s development inside the womb (with illustration). I think barbarian for us to see what’s normal, what to expect, and kill the curiosity to know how many come in there between an ultrasound and other!


I really like this site because it brings a lot of story , and give me credibility. And because it’s very easy to navigate from the index at the top. Something I discovered recently and thought pretty cool is the part “Solve your problem”. Stay in your own home site, in the right corner (at least so far). You click Pregnancy or Children and pops up a list of “problems”, as–in case of pregnancy: heartburn, cramping, weight control, migraine, constipated, etc. Falls right in terms that can help you! And you can get more from itypemba.

Baby Center

In addition to various materials, one of the attractions of the site is the tool that if you register, you send a custom e-mail week to week, with: my baby Newsletter this week (for mom to monitor the baby’s development since the pregnancy; Baby Information Center (with the news of the site and the most popular themes for mom and dads); or special offers (promotions and discounts from partners of the site). Not tested, but you can also register to participate in groups and make friends with other moms who are living the same experience as you.

Yoube Channel My Baby

It’s not exactly a site, but it’s a Youtube Channel (sponsored by Pampers) differential all content in videos! For those who prefer to watch than read, is the ideal. Already talked about him when I was at the launch event in 2013, but, in summary, there are published two videos a week; on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The issues permeate the development of the baby, diaper stage primarily, i.e. ideal for pregnant women that soon enter in this step.

The coolest thing is that the videos are written with statements from mothers invited, with the exception of doctors that respond to common questions. I find it interesting that has a menu to aid in navigation: for example, if you click #explica you fall in questions answered by experts, if you click #ajuda falls on tips for moms and dads to help take care of your baby.

I assume

For a long time I have not accessed, but I figured it was worth remembering here! This site is assume group, which supports the awareness of active birth, Humanized, normal. The work is done by volunteers, and valid. I was a columnist for the Group’s blog for a while. Unfortunately, exactly for being the result of a great effort on the part of volunteers, the site and the blog are not always updated, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in the files, including reports of births really nice! In pregnancy the Leo, helped a lot to make me feel safe and move on with my idea of natural childbirth. I can tell you it worked! The hint.