Videos of Massage for Pregnant Women

Massage du two pour femme enceinte
by videomassage

Massages during pregnancy are very beneficial both the mother and the baby. For the mother, they help to relieve back pain, lower back and legs caused by the weight of the casing as well as prevent swelling, circulatory problems, cramps, and of course, combat stress.

The benefits also affect baby for example that to improve the mother’s circulation improves the arrival of nutrients through your blood. We must not forget that in addition the stress of the mother has negative repercussions on the development of the baby, so a massage that release of tensions is highly recommended for both.

I’ve found three very full videos on massage for the pregnant woman to as you go teaching them your partner to get you started tonight. The first focuses on the back, the second breast and belly and the third in an abdominal massage in which the baby feel and enjoy external stimuli. See, learn and relax.