Travel Must-Haves with Child

Travel Must-Haves.
Travel with Toddler to Asia

Time and time again reached me this one question:

“What a you put really, if you’re traveling with the child?”.

Yes, what actually comes with what makes sense and what can you save yourself?

Of course, the packing list is dependent on the respective destination, the number and age of children travelling with. And also if I can give you a recommendation on the basis of my experience, these will not fit for any traveling Mama. But there are just things that I would always Pack. Simply because they have proven themselves. Last year, I grabbed my backpack relatively haphazard. It was my first trip to Southeast Asia, with an infant, which was just 14 months old at the beginning of the trip. I had no idea what awaited me. Simply cooking no idea whatsoever, no plan, nothing. And it became evident pretty quickly on the basis of my baggage. So I took my stroller, much packed too much clothing {for me as well as for the child} and the travel pharmacy was gigantic – all in all was there too much of everything.

This time I knew exactly what would await me. I could estimate much better what to take and what can stay at home. Now, after over two weeks in Indonesia, can I say, this time I packed effectively.

Packing List for a Travel with Toddler to Asia,
What is Coming?

Is beautiful, there are the many small laundries in many Southeast Asian countries. This means, it takes not much clothes in the suitcase or backpack, because usually you can get anywhere very cheap to do his laundry. In Indonesia, I feel very, very favourable prices. But even in Thailand is that cheap wash. However should you might rather be home can be expensive clothes {or not to the laundry service}. Almost always, the laundry is treated with bleach and just in the last year I have received back the one or other piece of clothing with bright spots. Not rarely the freshly washed laundry is treated again with a linen scent of the penetrating type. If you don’t like it, just first give notice. Usually you can repossess the laundry on the following day finished, freshly washed and ironed,.

So, not too much clothing Pack. Does not need it. The temperatures are very warm and often humid, since light clothing is the better choice anyway. I packed this time four dresses and three skirts plus three shirts for me. To a bikini (with three bikini panties), as well as a long pair of pants and a very light but long sleeve Cardigan.

For Mimi I took it a little more. You Moms know that, the child saut is a, it goes wrong what – there’s always something. And yet also Mimis dressing room 1 open and 2nd is handy.

But what comes up with now? 
What are my travel must-haves in terms of baggage?

I Pack my Bags for Asia with Child,
What is Coming?

In addition to clothes, sure, a few things must not be missed.

Baby carrier

Not without my baby carrier. Last year I had even the stroller. Unfortunately we have can almost never really use this, because for example lacked sidewalks. That was a pity. That’s why I only my summer of ERGObaby baby carrier this time * wrapped {in the Special Edition of “Sophie la giraffe}. You save me about our holiday.

Mimi is still always very much and I’m this incredibly flexible. Any kind of activities are not a problem. Last year I wore most of the time in their carrier through Southeast Asia Mimi. A wonderful experience. On the road, she can so easily taking their afternoon naps or watch just about from the back.

Also during the arrival and return the baby carrier has saved me. At airports, could I rock at any time it thanks to their help in sleep and had free hands, such as my hand luggage to carry, to pass through the passport checks or to simply eat something. Small flight without carrying, never again. And you can get more from fredericashops.


Pack a few diapers. You do not much and you’re on the safe side. Of course, you get diapers, no question in Asia. But Mimi has not so well tolerated them last summer. This time it looks fortunately better, but if you have the box which, you’re safe at least once and well equipped.

Bad Diaper, UV Sun Protection Swimwear, Sun Hat, Sun Cream

Last year I packed some disposable swimming diapers. This time only very few and we needed that luckily so far hardly. Because just in infants it is advisable to take a well fitting diaper of bath. You can wash out, should something in the pants go, which quickly and easily under the tap or in the shower. If you like, just two bad diapers Pack, you can switch. I found a cheap model DM. There are under 10 euros. Sweet alternatives can be found in various online stores, such as such as thousand child.

Also recommended: grab the UV sun protection swimwear in the case. The sun shines day day out and so the child well before the Sun is protected. Also don’t forget a hat. I wrapped a bonnet. Also a cloth made of gauze fabric, which we use as head protection.

Not missing a good sunscreen for children may also. Very very important, do not forget!
We have packed one of La Roche-Posay. She can be applied also on wet skin and is waterproof.
The ingredients in comparable Asian products are partly very adventurous.

Dummy and Dummy Bottles

If your child on the dummy is used, then this (plus reserve) packing. Last year, I had stashed tens dummy in the backpack in wise foresight. In the end, only one, which we have treasured as the Apple of our eye remained us. This time I took just a small supply, safe.

Since Mimi drinks at night still from the bottle, I also packed a small supply of a total of four bottles. Don’t ask, but it is left only one. Sure I’m particularly well. For the day, we have the Magic Cup. I can throw the always quite carefree in my backpack, if we are on the way. Nothing out.


Good, solid shoe factory that is suitable for the warm climate and plenty of exercise. Last year we had a pair of leather Sandals by Bisgaard. You have passed through the entire holiday (and the following autumn) Mimi. Who were in the (!) Sea, on the beach and in the city on the road. No press, no cutting, nothing. For this holiday I wrapped exactly once again the same model.

We have exactly this shoe.**

Travel with a Child,
Toys – Yes or no?

Jein. I packed a little the last time, apart from a few books – including her absolute favorite bookwhich I must read each, but also every evening.

Now our girl almost two and needs more employment. So I packed even crayons and a small plastic watering can and a rubber Duckies in addition to four books. Usually the children are almost only out here. Played the whole day and explore the surroundings.

There’s not a toy, toy, nature is enough.

Stones, leaves, flowers and animals. Every day is an adventure. Children are doing together, locals and travellers children, and spend hours together. It takes so really not a lot of toys. Of course you can pack more sand toys or a ball. And what should of course never missed, the favorite stuffed animal – here Papa Wutz.

Water wings

Almost everywhere there are pools or you drive to the sea. Therefore, I would in any case water wings* Pack. You can buy them here locally, but they smell so bad like plasticizers, of which I’d let the finger personally. That’s why I packed again two with few water wings at home.

Here* you can buy them.

Mosquito repellent – mosquito repellent and long pyjamas

Last year I became lax in terms of mosquito repellent to me personally and have conceded directly the receipt. Whether that would have been spared me now with enough mosquito repellent, I don’t know of course. But this time I’m very consistent. Particularly in Mimi, I pay attention to the mosquito repellent. Several times a day I rub it with the Mückenmittel anti Brumm a. In the evening I don’t long sleeve pyjamas you, to create a barrier. I would like to take no risk.

The anti Brumm means are available for children under two, and from the age of two. Respects there when purchasing be sure on it or let you advise in the pharmacy. I use actually means from two years – for Mimi of this time but as the pharmacist said, a month it doesn’t matter then now. Be better assured.

I very much hope that I could help you a bit with this post!


* Baby carrier PR sample
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The product costs as a result but no longer!