Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy, Is a Test Useful?

There Is Disagreement As To Whether A Toxoplasmosis Test Is Useful In Pregnancy Or Not. While Many Doctors Recommend Him, The Cash Desks Will Benefit Him.

Once the pregnancy is certainty, becoming mothers will only want the best for their child. This also includes a series of precautionary examinations. A test for toxoplasmosis has not yet been a standard, although many doctors consider it useful. As a rule, health insurance funds do not cover costs.

One-Third Is Immune To Toxoplasmosis

“Approximately one-third of all pregnant women are immune because they have already experienced the disease,” says the pharmacy magazine “Baby and Family”, vice-president of the Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics Klaus Friese. However, most do not know whether they are immune to toxoplasmosis, because infection often occurs without symptoms.
If, during pregnancy, an infection with the parasites, which can occur among other things in raw meat, katzenkot and earth, threatens an early or miscarriage, For this reason, Friese advises mothers to test for toxoplasmosis at least at the beginning of pregnancy in order to avoid risks. Because the funds do not pay for the test, mothers will have to cover the cost of about 15 euros themselves.

Cash: Test In Pregnancy Uncertain

The health insurance companies argue against a test for toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, because the benefit of the test has not been proven so far. For example, on the Internet pages of the AOK it is said that currently available tests could not reliably indicate fresh infections in pregnant women. It could not be ascertained whether a long infection occurred before or during the pregnancy. This would lead to unnecessary and false therapies in the event of misdiagnosis.

“If a screening is really introduced, a lot of women will need a lot of tests during the pregnancy, which do not give any clear results,” says Dr. Silke Thomas from the Medical Service of the Federation of Health Insurance Funds (MDS), the situation according to “Baby and Family”. And further: “We consider this a great psychological burden.” If you decide for or against a test for toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, you should clarify in an individual consultation with your doctor.