Top 10 Things To Do on the Carnival Holiday

Came the Carnival Holiday and know a lot of people will enjoy the revelry in the street blocks in the Sambadrome and at dances. But I also know that many people don’t like this kind of party and ends up not knowing what to do, other than travel, the holiday of Carnival! So, I thought I’d
and I’m here to share in today’s post, how about that?!

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1-Watch much Netflix

Nothing better to have 5 days to update all his series, make a Star Wars Marathon, Voracious Games or any other trilogy. Also worth knowing series new and call the guys all watch together!

2-visit family

Who lives alone, typically, never have time to visit family and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Take a leap in your grandma’s House, for example, eat deep-fried dough and watch movies on TCM!


Enjoy a sunny day, spread your favorite yams, a good wine and go to have a picnic with her boyfriend or her friends. A different program and super fun!

4-learn to Cook

You know those cooking videos on the internet we see every day, drool in the dishes, but I never have time to do? It’s the ideal time to put into practice, call your friends and have fun–if the food doesn’t get better at least yielded a few laughs!

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5-make a DIY

Craft is something that a lot of people like, but don’t have time to do-enjoy the holiday of Carnival to put your creativity into practice, can be a DIY back-to-school, or organization.

6-Party with friends

Join that bunch of friends who do not go to the block and make a party at home, each one takes a delicacy ( or enjoy the Tip 4) and the party can have a has type: Tequila party, slumber party, Festa da Caipirinha—use the creativity and storm!

7-Organize your Closet

OK, it’s boring, but is usually takes a few days to complete the Organization. At this time you have plenty of time and I’m sure the effort will be worth it for the rest of the year, right?!


I’m not encouraging the consumption, but as everyone will be on the beach or in the malls empty blocks are a temptation! Not to mention that most will be in the liquidation period-you shop with calm and still save!

9-Be a tourist in your town

I know that most of the points of interest can be filled, but says it is not fun to take a day to pose as tourist in your town? Especially if you live in the big city, of course, was never in all sights and don’t know what you’re missing! You can also go to a neighboring town that will be nice!

10-beauty Day

Take some time for you, take a bath, use products that you have lazy day by day as: exfoliating, make hair moisturizing, manicure, waxing, anyway … good! If you want, call friends and make a day spa with champagne and TidBITS!

What are you going to do on the Carnival holiday.

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