To Settle in Lingerie

They are underestimated, but can be completely responsible for the success or failure of a look, no matter how beautiful it is to your clothes.

Wrong sizes that don’t maintain or tighten too much, handles that don’t come with necklines, textures and colors that should not be evident…the list of mistakes is not small.

The most common mistakes happen in time to choose the model and size.Small tongues, with thin strips on the sides, can be great for two times, but shake the body, creating unwanted folds under clothes. But don’t think that huge parts are not a problem! By modeling or by numbering, can also tangle, creating unwanted volumes.

For more obvious as it is, many women still don’t know that the track of the back and the front should be at the same height. If the back is rising, it’s because the straps are too tight and/or size is wrong! Another clue that something isn’t right is when the Cup does not accommodate the breasts, squeezing too much(and creating a fold), or leaving plenty of room.

In Brazil, there are few brands that run from basic P-M-G and manufacture lingerie sizes options to bulge as well as for the back, but do in a bra too wide pence, or use an Extender to increase the size of the back helps solve the problem when the bowl has an ideal size, but the width is not as compatible.

Beware of plastic rings! They can blow up when you least expect it, causing a big problem in public–especially if you are not carrying the anti-imprevisto kityours!

Elastic also become villains, but with the evolution of technology, we can count on seamless models that are useful on several occasions.

Don’t be afraid of bodies and girdles when if they needed. The vast majority(if not all) of those wonderful Hollywood actresses abuse them to better shape the body, leaving the impeccable dress before parade on the red carpet. Even because, with the culture of low waist pants, our bodies have undergone transformations that are eventually denounced by most adjusted–and this is independent of weight.

Repeat after me: the name is”underwear” and, if it’s intimate, it’s because it’s not supposed to be shown on the left and right, especially when your piece is not made for this purpose(for example, a beige bra thick straps).  And you can get more from Allcitycodes. Enjoy and make your brother, husband, boyfriend, cousin, friend and neighbor repeating too–after all, that goes for the panties who insist on showing up!

And there’s no point appeal to the silicone handles: they still appear and, with time, become dingy. This niche has evolved so much over the years, that today it is possible to find numerous options that override the infamous. Since the basic tube up to models that can be stuck to the underwear, or crossed in the back and closed in front, in order to release the back, shoulders and whatever else is needed, but keep giving due support.

On How to Dress for Success(again!), Edith Head defended the idea that the lingerie should also be updated in the same way that clothes are, seasonally, for accompanying the different shapes and molds that fashion is proposed every season.

Recalling that other cool tip she gave in the book: If you would be ashamed of you for someone to see the State of your underwear(in the case of an accident, for example), she should belong to your collection. Keep your pieces always in order.

A well-chosen lingerie can leave women more confident, but no, the color and the material should not appear under the piece that covers–except when the tissue is intentionally transparent(and still is!). Remember: under black clothes, black clear under light clothing and close to your skin tone under white clothes! Use the very colorful(like the pink or red, for example) If you are sure that the clothing fabric is thick enough to hide them. And let the frills and very textured lace for the moments when the lingerie is the centerpiece, those about which we talked upstairs!