Tips on How to Wear a Hat Properly

The hats are back to heads of women a few years ago. They are a trend that goes back and forth and you can’t get out of it. So, let’s give some tips for you to wear a hat and modern; without errors!

Station style

When you think of how to use a hat is important to think if the model combines, or not with the season at the moment. Felt and wool, for example, are great for the colder climates of the autumn and winter. Those made with materials that recall the straw combine more with the hot months of summer.
Felt and wool, for example, not only gives the visual style as can warm up your head and protect her from seeing, while straw allows air to cool off.

Have to serve

Before using a hat is sure he is of your size. The hats for pregnant women can come in different sizes and choose the appropriate can make a lot of difference in how it’s going to be on you. Try before you buy parts, or measure the circumference of your head before making an online purchase.
If the hat is too large, there are chances of him flying in the wind. It must be safe, but without being tight.

Hair length

A hat more adjusted, with the lower tab, for example, gets better with shorter hair. Already the most extravagant hats, with wider tabs, if combined with longer wires can create perfect boho look. Of course this is not a rule and each person, and different style, will wear a Hat also in a different way. When it comes to wear a hat, it’s all about experimentation.

Hair style

When you think of how to wear a hat, you probably also considering how to fix your hair. Generally, the easiest way to use this accessory is loose hair. In our opinion, this is also way more pleasing to the eye. However, if you have longer hair, you can try to use with a side braid and more disheveled to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The falling

Make a hat seem perfect may depend on the way you let him “hooked” on your head. For example, the hats fedoras should be used at the time of the eyebrows and the with tabs only, in the style of hats, use fallen slightly behind the head. If your hat doesn’t look good on you, play and experience at different angles.

Choosing the color

If you have the intention of having only a hat in your wardrobe, then buy it in a neutral color. Ideally, the black, which is a classic. Browns, greys and caramels are also great neutral colors for your choice. Now, if you are using more than one type, you can play and explore different colors.

Adding details

Some hats comes with ornaments, but you can always add your own. Wear a hat with feathers for a touch Bohemian, or some shiny stone for a more eclectic appearance. As for ornaments, the opinion and the options are all yours. These additional accessories can also serve to match the hats with the other pieces of clothing’s look.


And speaking of combine, to use a piece like that, you need to be sure that he is combining with the rest of your clothes. In fact, we’re not saying that the hat must match EXACTLY with what you are wearing, but if you have any connectivity will be of good help for the complete look.
A felt fedora, for example, is a wild card and go with different types of style. If you want to have a look more years 70, more hippie, choose a hat with earthy tones and larger tabs, and so on.

The secret in time to wear a hat is experience. If something doesn’t it seem appropriate at first, try different elements until some work and stay on your taste.