Tips on American Sizes-Updated!

As a first-time mother much bought even came out of the drawer, especially since my daughter was born huge!!! So today I can impart to you some very useful tips regarding the numbering of some brands until 12 months I quoted in posts about outfit in New York and Orlando.
Joining this post with tips on Clothes up to 12 months, you can travel and bring the wholesome and appropriate sizes and models.
Using my daughter as a measure and whereas she was a big baby and chubby, follow the marks:

-Carters: NB size (newborn) is one of the few brand that serves for more than 1 month after the birth, even if the baby is big. Other sizes are also according to the number indicated on the label and with a certain amount of time off. The pants don’t shake at the waist and are very comfortable. The 3 size fits well since the first month to the fourth, fifth. Is the brand more true to size.
Best body in quality and elasticity.

The brand bibs are excellent, as well as impervious has a velcro closure system that doesn’t hurt the baby and the size that not tightening around his neck.

-Gap and Old Navy: the marks that are part of the same group, although they have foférrimas and cheap clothes, has difficult modeling to hit. The top serves well, but pants, Bermuda shorts and skirts are super tight at the waist. The greatest difficulty is in size 6 serving of 6 to 12 months without intermediaries. Always buy a size up, even if your baby isn’t great, still runs the risk of serving at the waist and stay long in the legs. The jackets, jackets and dresses are true to size for a baby of normal height and weight.
Socks are great and they last a lot.
I love the Old Navy to buy coats and jackets, the price is better than Gap and has the same style.

–H & M Baby: the numbering up to 6 months going from 2 months and not 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 3. By this time the piece is a little smaller. But overall served well for the age indicated with little time off. Are super clothes taken off and with wonderful price.

-First Impressions: the brand that I love (and that’s only within the Macys), is perfect for basic clothes for baby use day in and day out and leaves nothing to be desired in size. As well as the Carters, perfectly meets the size indicated quite off and still have the ideal weight for that size. The pants and bodies are super comfortable and don’t shake nothing. Clothes were impeccable after many washed in machine. In the dispute with the Carters still prefer the First Impressions by softer colors. Has collections of Carters that colors are really weird.

-Ralph Lauren Baby–despite being one of the cutest marks makes the size you want. Modeling is very small and when there is elastic in the legs and sleeves are too tight. The ideal is to use the size stated limit in relation to age. If the size is 3, will serve up to 3 months. My daughter the size 6 was perfect when she was only 3 months. If your baby is great, always buy 1 size above. The outfits as polos and dresses very warm in the summer polo. The rtecido is very thick and nothing fresh. Brand clothes are better for half a season.

-Petit Bateau: Just tasted the plush brand overalls that are one of the best for the baby, even costing much more expensive than the brands above. The best are those with rear opening like “lid”. The sizes also serve uptight as indicated and still indicate the height limit for the clothes, which is great on the purchase. And you can get more from

-Janie and Jack: the brand that has more sophisticated clothes, with better quality and yet affordable, has great modeling and you can enjoy for a long time. Both parties from above as below, are suitable for use from the age indicated or until a little bit later. Bought a jacket for 12 months Angel when she was 14 was still a big boy.
Are classic, timeless clothes. Is my favorite brand for boys.

-Hartstrings: Without doubt my favorite brand in terms of cute clothes and with quality is also quite true to size offered. The best of the brand, the tricots, are not so big, so invest in a size above to enjoy a lot. The dresses for girls are the most beautiful.

-Gymboree: the modeling reminds me a little of the Gap, the top serves well to the size but the pants tighten much at the waist. I also think the shirts I bought have shrunk a bit in the machine and lost quality. Despite the Gymboree also be a tag that Brazilians love, I think the clothes a little steep for what you offer, and I don’t love the colors that tend to always be orange, pink, yellow and these stronger tones. I prefer babies clothes in softer tones. But when the store is on sale it is possible to buy a lot of cheap stuff.