Tips for How to Choose Your Cheers

I have already described how good it is to wear jeans and the different occasions on which we can wear them. But it is equally important to choose the model of the pants well, so that we are always comfortable and touring.

 For each person and body physiognomy there is a model of pants that favors more, less or less.

The first thing to consider is the size of the pants, you should choose a number that fits you, because the gangue is a fabric that tends to widen. But attention, do not buy too tight, if not what will surpass are the imperfections that we prefer to disguise.

The thinner ones or the pregnant women this year are full of luck, as the raised waist pants are high and are ideal to give more volume to the hips! Pants with side pockets are also a great choice.

The ideal jeans for the hotter are the ones that have the right cut because it makes the size of the hips more proportional to the rest of the body. Color can also help the darker the better the bargain… I think we all know the darker colors make it look thinner. Skinny models should be avoided.

For taller women, the possibility of models is greater, from the cut to right, bell mouth to skinny, all are allowed. One tip, the sagging waist pants create a more balanced image of the body and legs.

For women of smaller stature, the ideal model is the straight cut, because it is the one that gives more centimeters to the legs without causing the idea of ​​a small trunk. It is also important that the waist of the pants not be too low or too high, so as not to reduce the size of the legs or torso. The applications in the pants, especially the larger ones, are to avoid because they distract the attention of the height that the pants give him.

The idea is to get the perfect cut for your body type and have fun picking out your jeans… to ask them Santa!