Tips for Having Beautiful Breasts

The  breasts  are a symbol of femininity. They are fragile and deserve extra attention on  beauty.  Particularly in pregnancy they can be affected with the appearance of stretch marks and sagging  so follow a few tips that will help you to overcome all periods of pregnancy and diet for the  breasts to always look beautiful.

Wear a  bra ;
Always have a straight posture not to compromise your  breasts ;
Avoid carrying too much weight;
Keep your pectoral muscles swimming every time you have some free time;
After the bath apply a special cream that supports and  moisturizes the breasts. Do not use jerky, which can traumatize the breast, but circular movements throughout the shape of the breasts ;
Avoid hot baths, which can damage the tissue and especially the breasts;
For the bravest try to finish the bath by keeping the cold water in your  breasts  for a minute;
Do not wear tight clothing that stifles the  chest ;
Avoid as much as possible sleeping with your  belly down ;
During your  pregnancy  or the diet period use almond oil;
If you  breastfeed, always wear a  nursing bra , day and night;
When you practice some sport use a  special bra  that can be bought at any store where you can find sports articles;
Avoid long exposure to the sun, especially if you do not use a special protection cream;
Try to avoid weight variations.

Care  breasts  are also extremely important and should receive special attention, especially during puberty and menopause, which are periods of major hormonal changes.

Therefore, it is essential to stimulate the local metabolism frequently to keep the region well treated.

The novelty is due to the massage of the muscles of the breasts with the fruit pulp of Kigelia, a very old procedure practiced by African women.

Whoever promotes this benefit is  Kigeline, an agent of plant origin who acts as a hormone. In fact it is a phytormonium, because it derives precisely from the Kigelia plant.

Scientific tests have shown increased firmness and lifting of the bust of volunteers by up to 70%, as well as stimulating the production of collagen, turning and shaping the breasts. In the same test, Kigeline was rated as good or very good by more than 50% of women, also improving skin elasticity.

How to use

– The product should be used in gel and always applied directly on the breasts. Must be prepared in handling pharmacies and prescribed by a doctor in the concentration of 20%;
– Apply at least once a day, always after bathing, with gentle massages until the product completely disappears on the skin;
– There are no contradictions, because Kigeline acts on the skin and superficial tissues;
– Suitable for those who want to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and prevent sagging of the breasts.