The Valencian Government Support to Motherhood

The Valencian Government has announced new measures of support for motherhood. They fall under the more life initiative and are aimed at providing mothers, from the beginning of pregnancy, all possible economic and social support. Increase the birth rate and to ensure coverage of the welfare State to the pregnant women, especially to those who most need it, consider allowing women who decide to have a child to do so with the maximum of possibilities allowed by law.

The measures taken include economic, fiscal, social, educational and health aspects. Women will be considered mother since her pregnancy is confirmed and that is why families have rights by that child even before birth.

There have been critical considering that intends to deal with the law of abortion, however, the President of the Valencian Community ensures that the only reason is to provide the necessary rights to the mothers so that they can be released and under the best possible conditions.

Being a mother is not easy. And it is less if the crisis situation makes it way added. News that authorities provide aid to families is therefore excellent, whatever may be the reasons for the decision.

The Valencian families may now, considered as such from the moment indicating a medical certificate there is a child in the way. We must not forget that in the pregnancy it we started to consider the future child’s needs and costs and increase. Valencia will now have possibilities as a benefit to aid and reductions in taxes, or simply to be considered in a way preferred when applying for a place at a school close to home. This last measure seems very successful, since for a pregnant woman or with a baby, it is essential that the schooling of one eldest son does not pose long and complicated movements.

Another measure will be free of drugs up to 18 months of the baby if the mother is at risk of social exclusion, if you are a minor or if the child is disabled. This idea is also excellent. At least those families who are facing economic difficulties tougher available drugs that his son needs without being that a reason for added anguish. Really think that in our country there are families who access health assume an almost insurmountable problem for monetary issues is something that should be taken very seriously throughout society.

I would add that these AIDS are not only for the Spanish. All mothers residing in Valencia, including the immigrants regardless of their legal status, which can precisely have greater difficulties, will also have these rights and will be supported and informed by organisms that have these skills.

The initiative will be completed with the promotion of the social networks support to motherhood and parenting, which seems very important, as they have shown so far not officially recognized, which involve an enormous help to deal with this stage of life more happy and sustained.

Therefore think that all the autonomous communities should take as an example the model proposed by the Valencian Government in support of motherhood.