The New Plus Size Models

Five young women who are conquering the model world just by storm

It could be described as the beginning of a new era: because in addition to top models such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Cara Delevingne, the new generation is increasingly attracting more and more attention.Through private blogs or Instagram accounts they let their fans participate in their turbulent life. We would like to introduce you to our five most popular newcomers:

Iskra Lawrence

The model is the face of the label American Eagle Outfitters, which wants to convey a positive body feeling. In addition, she posts regularly on her blog “Runway Riot” contributions such as “How I learned to become more self-assured”. But also the Instagram account of curvy beauty can be seen. With over 630,000 fans, she shares photos of shoots, holidays, or witty quotes. A special look aroused Iskra some time ago, when she a picture of herself in the bikini posed and on her body one or the other dent to be seen. She comments on the photo self-confidently: “I have not retouched my pregnancy strips and my cellulite, because that is now my body, which I love above all. And I love to post pictures that show how self-confident I am, especially because society always tries to make us believe we have mistakes! ”

Clementine Desseaux

For insiders the beautiful dark-haired with the expressive face has long been no stranger. Also for our last navabi campaign she was already in front of the camera. Recently, Clementine was able to celebrate her definitive breakthrough in the fashion industry. She is officially the new face for the lipstick line of Christian Louboutin, her beautiful Schmollmund. In addition to modeling, she has another great passion: delicious food. For this reason, Clementine launched the blog  “Bonjour Clem” , on which she poses tasty recipes, with which the water in the mouth in the mouth. How about a delicious coconut cake à la Clementine? Also on Instagram  you can follow the model and is rewarded with many impressions from her Parisian lifestyle.

Alessandra Garcia Lorido

As a “daughter of…” it is usually not easy to be taken seriously in the business. In the case of Alessandra Garcia Lorido, however, we have no reason to doubt their model qualities, especially since their famous daddy Andy Garcia is professionally in front of film cameras. The model is under contract with the renowned agency Milk-Management. Their unmistakable trademark-the concise eyebrows.Alessandra was already in front of the camera for H & M and the Onlineshop ASOS. She was recently seen in a photo gallery in sensual lingerie in the Slink Magazine. On her Instagram account she poses as well as pictures from her shootings and sometimes a photo with her famous dad. Very sympathic.

Christina Andrew

Christina models for big onlineshops like Forever 21, Eloqqui and Old Navy. On her Facebook page, she posts private pictures of her travels. So you can see them, for example, without make-up and with glasses with a girlfriend along the Seine or even funny tourist photos shoot in front of the Louvre. Their Instagram community is still comparatively small, but we are quite sure that Christina, who is born in Miami, will hear a lot. When she appears at the agency Ford Models for the open casting in 2012, she is still contracted on the same day.

Eva Kay

With her filigree “doll face” and the piercing blue eyes, Eva Kay simply has to stand out. She is photographed with opulent facial jewelery and a nose ring for an editorial section in Claire magazine.The model, which is under contract with the agency JAG, convinces with otherwise unconventional pictures and a cool rocking look.

But Eva also has a good figure on the catwalk as she demonstrated at the New York Fashion Week during the presentation of the Dessous line.