The Birth Begins: What Happens at the Clinic?

It really go? Pregnant women want to know of course, if you believe that your baby is on the way. The excitement is most of the time especially when the first child.

The Birth Begins What Happens at the Clinic
It’s reassuring to know what happens at the clinic next.
That depends amongst others, why they come to the clinic. Is the amniotic fluid already gone down (rupture)? Or can be especially type and distance of the contractions you suspect that the birth begins? Midwife or doctor will first ask you to assess the situation
to be able to.

Typical investigations:

  • Usually a CTG will be made upon hospital admission. CTG stands for Cardiotokographie, meaning that the child’s heartbeat and uterine contractions are recorded at the same time. So doctor and midwife get an impression of how the baby’s doing. Because labor or rupture of membranes are exciting not only for the expectant mother, but also for her child.
  • An ultrasound will help to determine the mass of the child. Also the amount of amniotic fluid can be determine and clarify whether the placenta (placenta) works fine.
  • Midwife or doctor you vaginal investigated to see whether and how far the cervix is open. Check also whether amniotic fluid goes down. This happens not always torrent wise, but can be even slower.

Rupture of membranes? Then you stay in the clinic

It is clear that you had a rupture, you remain on all cases in the hospital. Because if the amniotic fluid goes down, the birth has started. Your child’s head is stuck in the basin, they can walk around while you wait for the onset of labor. Doctors and midwives usually wait if they bring the birth in a natural way.
The contractions do not insert within a certain time – usually 24 hours -, advise doctors to induction of labour. This means that you get blow-promoting drugs. The introduction method will vary depending on the clinic. There are tablets, suppositories, or even a “labor cocktail” which is drunk. A labor drip for the introduction is no longer applied. Of course, midwives and doctors first discuss each step with you.

Blow? Perhaps you may once again go home

If it were especially labor, which they drove to the clinic are, clarifies the investigation: how far is the cervix open? The contractions push forward the opening of the cervix and they are regularly? Of course it also plays a role, how you and the baby. Sometimes it’s to so called practice contractions and the birth has not yet begun. Then you may go home probably once again. This will be discussed with you but.
The contractions are however strong and the birth is progressing, staying in the hospital. Now the question is: how’s the wife, what good are you doing in the current situation? Maybe you want yet on the room to set up there. Some women go for a walk, others yearn for a bath in the tub for relaxation. Sometimes expectant mothers control also the delivery room with her partner, because it already started.
Tip: Doctors and midwives are to discuss with you, what pain relievers when suitable, if you need that. A birth preparation course teaches you what else can help (E.g. breathing exercises, birth locations) and can assist you as your partner.