Test to Find out The Sex of The Baby at 10 Weeks

IntelliGender is a new developed test to know the sex of the baby after week 10 of pregnancy, in other words, before you can know him through an ultrasound.

“ Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test ”, so is as it is called, has been created in the United States. They have carried out scientific experiments in which isolated certain hormones that by combining them with certain chemicals reacted differently when the woman was pregnant of a girl than a boy.

The experiments gave a test to do at home that gives the result within 10 minutes through the urine of mother as a product. Depending on the color that take the test, red if it is a girl or green if it is a boy, we know the sex of the baby.

The percentage of reliability is not to decide what color paint the room, buy clothes or find a name, things we do when we have a confirmation to 100%. In this case it is 82%, or which is more a test to make for fun since the result might not be the definitive.

In any case, more anxiety that we know the sex of the baby at an early stage of pregnancy, the only accurate way to find out is through an ultrasound around week 20 when genitals are distinguished more precisely (except for error, which is rare but there are), an amniocentesis or a blood test of the mother who allows you to isolate the DNA of the baby.

If you are interested in doing so out of curiosity, the IntelliGender test you can buy online for $34,95 (25 euros to change) more international shipping costs.