Souvenir for Pregnancy

Souvenir of motherhood is essential? No, it’s not, but it’s a delicacy that the couple can offer to the loved ones who attend a moment so special, it’s the arrival of the baby! It’s a way of showing appreciation for the presence and care of the visitors and ‘ perpetuate ‘ the birth of a child with something you can touch. It’s a simple stroking to friends and family, and one of those preparing for childbirth that we fill with emotion.

So, I am in search of the “perfect souvenir”. When I had Leo had the same care, but I had no idea how many things could be created for this purpose. I opted for the traditional refrigerator magnet. I think super cool because the memory is there, to remind people all the time, and grooming a dull thing. Is cute, hard years, but is something well beaten right? So, I can’t say that I was creative.

Looking for a souvenir that escape the conventional (or have at least a touch different) to mark the arrival of our Manuela, I found some beautiful ideas! I haven’t decided yet, but no doubt I’m among them. And I think you also may be tempted. Just to summarize, I tried something that was useful or tasty (basic premises of a memory of these), delicate, and last somehow (at least very well stored in memory!). With you, 9 inspirations – to choose during the nine months of pregnancy – but before birth, please!

1-Scented Sachet in different format (and to be hung!)

The suggestion might not be as new as well, but I thought the “hang” very cool! I’ve imagined in the rearview mirror of the car, the door of the room, etc. There are also a variety of formats (love in heart!), of tissues to be used, and the possibility of embroidering the baby’s name, as well as choose the aroma! Simple, soft and fragrant!

2- Well-born (and well decorated)!

OK, use the sweet aka “well-married” as souvenir of motherhood also is nothing new. But you know what’s great? In addition to being a sweet delicious, the fact of being able to choose the “package” allows us to make the whole thing much more charming and, Yes, creative! These “diaper pin and pacifier” were chosen for the arrival of the little Eva, the daughter of the Angelic host.

3–custom air freshener

It seems obvious, but it’s not! Discovered days ago these thumbnails and enjoyed! Because in addition to custom packaging, you can customize the smell … I got a smell of baby, imagine that George? I think it’s really cool because the smell is the sense that always is linked to emotions, memories … so I think there really all about! You can still keep the souvenir bottle person, after the liquid ends.

4-Sleep mask!

This idea killed me!!! Found super original, cute and helpful! In addition to reminding me of that story that after the children sleep less. I thought I’d put it in a cute bag, with something humorous written, like “thanks for caring! I wish you good nights of sleep in return! “. Without the phrase also vale…rs. Oh, sure, we can do something unisex or some for girls (women), some for boys (men). Or present only women. The husbands thank anyway, I bet! And the Cubs are going to steal the mask for play-sure! And you can get more from Oakdaleblog.

5-Pad of notes

Cute, practical and not have those who do not use! Can someone leave the phone at home, carry on bag, decorate the nightstand … And the best is that the box can be used later for something else, like save offal, daughter’s hair Barrettes, rings, or just spruce up!

6- Cans with SOAP

Once again I think you have that taste good. ” And it’s cute! I love to spruce up the sink with different soaps, so I thought it was pretty cool. The Tin is from memory later! Parentheses: I think that “clean” the best pattern because it leaves the most elegant treat! And the foot format says it all.

7- Box with almonds

I knew they used almonds at weddings, but in favors of maternity. New or not, is chic and yummy. In a pattern that is smashing right? Pure taste.


This is different. And pretty cool huh? I don’t have a wife that won’t use it in the bag! Children also love to save pennies … it is something useful, no doubt. And can be quite cute as this one in the picture!

9- bookmark

Super, super original! This photo is of silver … By coincidence, with the name of my puppy! Imagine if not melted me? I found one in the form of heart, too, but I found the giraffe cute. With more expensive, of souvenir of motherhood. Really cool don’t you think?

To check the source of the photos, just click on the images! Goes straight on who produces these beautiful things, and you can contact, order … Kisses!