Some Tips on Getting Pregnant

Until I was 33 years old, I was escaping from pregnancy like the Devil of the Cross! But suddenly it hit the instinct and the dream of being a mother turned goal. When I met the man who thought I was the father, I “worked” in this direction, even undergoing methods of hormonal stimulation and fertilization.It worked!I was blessed with a couple of twins, my great happiness!

Some Tips on Getting Pregnant

If you are thinking of getting pregnant for the first time, plan carefully because a true revolution awaits you.The Jatobá Universe has some tips that can help!

First, consult a physician. As I always say here, there is no substitute for a specialist’s assessment, especially when it comes to health! He will ask you for a battery of gynecological exams and others to see if there is any picture of anemia, heart problems, renal, hepatic, in fact, many exams!

It may be okay, but there may be something you need to treat before you get pregnant, such as anemia. I had to take iron supplement myself. It is also important to check if you have already taken a vaccine against rubella or hepatitis B. In this case, provide the immunization and wait another 3 months to avoid problems with the formation of the fetus.

At least 4 months in advance, the woman can prepare to have a healthy gestation and have time to take some necessary action. Prepare pregnancy leggings for growing belly. It is advisable to go to a nutritionist and take care of weight to avoid pressure problems and diabetes. The hunger in pregnancy is greedy and the food gains an indescribable flavor! Also pay attention to the level of folic acid, as it prevents poor formation of the baby. If you are below normal, consult with the specialist how to take the substance up to 3 months before you conceive and hold until the end of the first trimester. This substance can be found in beans and pods!

If you have vices, be very careful! Already begin to put aside the cigarette and the alcoholic beverage, as there are several proof that they impair the formation of the baby’s brain and lungs. And stop taking the contraceptive at least 3 months before!

No kidding, no! But to ensure beautiful and healthy children, every sacrifice is worth it. You will see!