Smart Bra Promises to Relieve Stress

Piece has sensors that measure the heart rate, breathing flow and posture of its users

Bras can be great enemies to many women, but the invention of a former mechanical engineering student and yoga instructor can change this once and for all. Cindy Wu created a version of the piece with sensors that measure heart rate, breathing flow and even indicate when the user’s posture is irregular. All this while relieving stress.

The Vitali bra will gently vibrate to encourage users to breathe deeply when they experience signs of stress, such as an increase in heart rate or when the posture is incorrect. It’s your way of telling you something is not right. And you can get more from boothbuying.

The product’s processor and sensors, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope, are stored in a plastic device that looks like a little soap. The device attached to the bra can easily be removed for washing, according to the company. In addition, your battery lasts up to two days.

Data measured by the sensor is monitored in an application for Android and iOS. To make viable the production and sale of the bra, the founder created an internet campaign and wants to raise $ 50,000 by May 16. If the product is actually released, it will be delivered in February 2018.