Sleeping Bags for Babies

One of the major concerns of fathers and mothers at night is whether the son is covered all night because they are moving and end up destapando. Even more with the cold that is doing most of the Brazil, how many times we woke up to see if they are hot?

When they are babies, we have yet another great concern with respect to cover them: are they safe? There is no danger of pulling the blanket over the face and sufocarem? Sometimes the blanket can be a risk in the cradle.

Pauline, who is French and adopted as your city of heart, produced your first “turbulette”, which here we call baby sleeping bag, to give a friend who was pregnant. And you can get more from

Uniting the desire of creation with your passion for the world of children and thinking about this need to safely wrap up babies, created a line of comfortable sleeping bags and taken off for our children! So, for everyone sleep better and more warm born Joli Môme !

Moms, on Joli Môme has sleeping bags for babies from 0 to 6 months and 6 months to 24 months. And the coolest thing is that you have more fabric fresh for spring/summer and warm for fall/winter! In addition to comfortable and safe, they are BEAUTIFUL TOO, check it out:

The sleeping bag as well as beautiful is an essential to the baby’s trousseau and offers many advantages:

Security, since there is no danger of suffocation – until the parents sleep calm! For over 20 years, pediatricians in Europe indicate the use of sleeping bags for prevention of Sudden infant death syndrome;

Comfort, since the temperature is constant during sleep;

Psychomotor development, the sleeping bag is super indicated by physical therapists, because it does not prevent the child’s movements, allowing her to experience your body and discover your Anatomy, within a limited environment and structurer.

I believe that babies need a sleep ritual, so they know it’s time to sleep. Each family has your; Here, after the bath has massage, and after the last diaper change, put the child in your sleeping bag will add an element to this ritual and they will know it’s time to sleep!

Gurias, I invite you to meet the Joli Môme, even if you do not have more baby at home, is a super gift for a pregnant friend!

To access the site and meet all the gorgeous models that they have!