Saruel Pants

Personal stylist gives tips on how to compose a look with saruel pants

I bet you’ve heard about saruel pants. In fact, we have mentioned this model here a few times, such as the different types of jeans and the feminine dictionary. If you have not remembered, the saruel has a peculiar characteristic:they are of Moroccan origin, and the main characteristic is the very low hook adjusted at the waist. In one of her columns, fashion consultant Gloria Kalil described saruel pants as a chic diaper, used only by those with a lot of personality.

But can all women use this model? “Women who are overweight or have large hips (physical type pear/triangle) should avoid, as this model increases the hips even more and flattens the silhouette,”explains personal stylist Natália Nunes. She also remembers that it is possible to assemble several looks:it will depend on the material and the occasion. And you can get more from

A cool combination for the smaller ones is the high heels.”Shorts can wear high-heeled pants and the top of the look can not create a very strong contrast with the bottom.Ex:black/white.Give preference to colors with similar tones,”reinforces staff.

:: For informal environments:
Ex: Saruel knitted viscolycra:can be used with a sequinha and rasteirinha regatta.

:: For formal environments:
Ex: Saruel of refined fabric (silk, for example).Can be worn with high heels, basic blouse and shorter blazer.

What is important, Natalia reinforces, is that all productions seek balance.”These pants already have enough information.So, for the upper part, opt for more basic pieces with little volume”.