Retro Woman Week

Taking advantage of the international women’s Week and continuing the discussions about female empowerment, we, publishers-founder of Retro Universe (Alicia Adams and Mirella Fonzar, pleasure!), we decided to give the guys here for-in addition to showing this amazing rehearsal we did with photographer Ka Uziel-chat about something that is very important to keep development of our society.

As you might imagine, just like you, we’re passionate about all this universe vintage, including the aesthetics of the past, the music, movies, fashion, decoration and so on. Everything we love antiguinhos. Or rather … almost anything! Because, when we think of some attitudes and ideas adopted in the past, our eyes do not shine so often and we are sure that we are born in the right time.

In one of our recent conversations, we put in question exactly this huge difference between being a person of retro style and someone of retrograde thinking. As representatives of a communication vehicle apparently nostalgic, we believe it is very important to discuss, once in a while, this idealization romanticized that we do, to understand what we should bring back as a reference and what should be left behind.

It’s not because we were inspired by the beautiful women of the years 40 and 50, for example, that we need to submit to certain situations that they submit at that time, because they had no choice. If we don’t want to be “Housewives” (housewives), won’t be less women because of this. And the same is true if we want to take care of the children and the home rather than work out. Or, opt for in a relationship with someone of the same sex. Never let anyone judge us by our choices, because they are exclusively ours. And you can get more from Stylishtacoma.

Our style can be retro, but our ideas should never be retrograde. In this case, discussing the future possibilities and understand the past is inevitable. We must realize that we women of 2016, we got much more than they had our mothers and grandmothers who lived his youth in the last century, in a society much more macho and conservative than today, we have more freedom, opportunity and equality than they had.

Therefore, we must look back and thank all those warriors who fought for our world, today was a little better than theirs was a day without ever want to go back on our rights, always trying to honor our position in this process, so that one day, who knows, the next generations look at us grateful for everything we’ve done as we look today for those who lived in the last century and decided to believe the rules as were weren’t working.

Thank you for the Pin-up Girls, who left home to be photographed, semi-nude in a extremely conservative society; to the few singers that your doing whatever domestic and dribbling and out in comprehensive tours and underpaid; the young girls who followed their own wills and broke the sexual rules established; women who fought for the right to divorce … and so on!

Some female conquests of the past, you have no idea what it’s like to live without today:

  • The right to work outside the home;
  • The right to vote;
  • Playing sports;
  • Right to divorce;
  • Be able to run for political office or executives;
  • Right to prevent pregnancy with birth control;
  • Long pants;
  • Having sex before marriage;
  • Be able to enroll in College;
  • Freedom to adopt the surname of her husband;
  • In the event of separation, can apply for custody of the children;
  • Working in positions originally masculine, etc.

Obviously, we have not yet reached the full evolution with regard to women’s right, but we believe that we are heading in the right direction. Despite the statistics still scare us enough, grow the defence groups and support to women, already have laws created to defend us against the violence, such as the Maria da Penha (never imagined in the 50, for example), police stations specialized in genre, and more. And most importantly: we are gaining awareness that our fight must be daily.

Speak up about what we have achieved in the past, but, and what we want for the future? We list some of our main desires:

  • Walking down the street with the clothes we want without receiving a line;
  • Don’t blame a betrayal exclusively in women;
  • Be recognized in the labour market by our abilities and not by physical beauty;
  • Not be judged by our body or appearance that we have;
  • Walk down the street alone without fear of suffering abuse;
  • Decide when and with whom we want to have sex;
  • Equal pay and opportunities;
  • Have choice about motherhood;
  • The right not to want to cook or do some housework;
  • Be able to have sex on the first date without trials;
  • The right not to want to marry and not be charged for it;
  • Being our own body;
  • Respect as a human being.

This text is our way to thank and honor all the girls past transgressive, who decided to look ahead and dream of a more just and equitable world. Besides being an opportunity to invite our girls today (and why not boys too?) to rethink us about the future through debate, of disputes and a vision out of the box.

After all, you’re retro or retro?