Retro Girls Prove that Style and Attitude Are Ageless

Be influenced by family or by choice, there are kids who don’t care about modernity and surrender same to the charms of the past. Below, we have selected some little girls in vintage scene and talked with their dads and moms to learn more about your relationship with the retro. Let’s check it out?

Retro Girls Prove that Style and Attitude Are Ageless

Victoria Marie, 11 Years – São Paulo (SP)

“Since its 2 years old, victory dancing Elvis Presley lived, without knowing what it was but I liked the pace. Was growing and your first band t-shirt was the King of rock, but then she liked a lot. Then, won one of the Beatles, which came to be another band that she started to like it. With 9 years, started to be charmed by the diva Marilyn Monroe and has until today a t-shirt of it. On this like the retro didn’t have my finger, she saw and fell in love and I just help in the costumes and in the pictures, as I’m a photographer “. -Mom Ka Uziel.

Laura Procopius Braga, 10 Years – São Paulo (SP)

“I can say that the retro style/rocker began in your training inside my stomach, while I was dancing rockabilly and didn’t even know she was there. Throughout my pregnancy, I watched the shows of her father who at the time was playing in a band. Today we make our little dances here at home, and the taste and interest in things is growing gradually, along with her “. -Mom Lázara Procopius

Brenda Thick, 9 Years – São Paulo (SP)

“My relationship with the rocker started early, at the age of 14 years. And ever since I won the Ingrid (my other daughter of 15 years) I have this whim, not a concern, because it comes naturally, but I always try to put them in the best way possible, according to the taste of each – and thanks to God we have very similar tastes! Brenda now with almost 10 years already has its own personality, choose your clothes in stores, your shoes, take my accessories and when I get angry, but when I explain what doesn’t bode well, does she understand and check the switch. Loves skirts rounds, dresses, but also loves pants and leather jacket with boots. I have no doubt that Brenda will continue following the world rocker, dressing as well, continuing to love the music and the culture that we grow in our family “– Mom Drica Boop.

Valentina Vitoria Correa, 5 years-Khouri São Paulo (SP)

“I’m sure the kids look up to us parents and Valentina would not change, but the difference of this little girl is that she chooses her clothes and makes your look of the day, like a real Pin-Up. I can say that, even with the young age, actually the retro has become your way of life “. -Daddy George Khouri.

Valentina Fischer, 2 Years and 9 Months – São Paulo (SP)

“I very much appreciate the retro style, from fashion, art, decoration to behavior. And take ownership of the girls style references from 50 ‘s to compose looks for my daughter, mixing classic elements with present in your clothing, it’s pure fun! So much for me as for her “. Mom Amanda Caputo

Helena Martins, 1 Year And 6 Months – Curitiba (PR)

“I grew up in a small town, from the inside, surrounded by museums, mansions and history; Maybe it has become easy to fall in love with the retro culture and be anachronistic. Always dreamed of a daughter, to dress her up like those little dolls that looked like children from decades ago. Helena love those photos of ‘ babies ‘ of old, who dress like her. Is all false. In addition to friends and family that you present with vintage treats, saying ‘ I found the little guy ‘, she even identifies with things inside the style, though not design exactly what it means. Anyway, little miss poeirinha just fill Mommy proud. “-Mommy Andressa Martins