Premiere in the Grass in Baby Gap

For the first time with child and cone on the meadow to enjoy the summer. The family styling of GAP can also be won at the same time.

The summer is back, and so is the time I have waited so longingly for since Mad’s birth. Finally we can just lie on the meadow and enjoy the warmth. I have the impression that it is a completely new way of life for him to roll under the trees over the ceiling. Trees and everything that is green, he loves at the moment anyway. Therefore, you can imagine where you will meet us in the coming days exclusively. In order to protect babies from UV radiation, they should always be dressed in the shade and the clothes rather airy rather than too tight. Thin cotton, short overalls and bright colors ensure that even at high temperatures is not sweated.

We organized a small shoot in Baby GAP for our outdoor premiere. Of course, every day, you take countless mobile phone photos of the offspring, forgetting to take the big camera and make a few really beautiful photos for the family album.Therefore, therefore, between times a small private session, with which soon my picture wall is plakatiert.

When I discovered these looks of Baby GAP at Zalando, I also had the right motif in the head. In the pregnancy I have found this great fabric and sewn a crawling blanket from it. The whole thing fits perfectly together now. In addition, there is always the first part, that you at the beginning quite proudly for the baby. Any special or personalized romper or a pair of mini-boots, which are then held in honor forever. With us it was a winter over all made of baby GAP with jeans cap. So now the summer version is staged here.

Because you can order the current collection of GAP on line at Zalando this summer, I will put my GAP outfit, which I wear in the photos – a boyfriend jeans, a cotton shirt in lemon garb and a light white blouse. For this I am adding a shopping voucher for Zalando worth 50, – Euro, so that you can buy your kids a suitable summer particle.