Pregnant Women Drink More Coffee Than Recommended

The doctors agree that drinking too much coffee during pregnancy is not recommended. Several studies have shown the complications that can result in a surplus of this substance. It has linked with an increase in the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and low weight at birth.

In spite of this, a recent study carried out in Granada has revealed that more than one third of pregnant women have a consumption of caffeine above recommended levels.

But one of the most worrying data that emerges from the research is that nearly 45 percent of the women do not modify their consumption when they find out they are pregnant, and some even increasing it.

The question is what is the preferred level? Some are running that should not exceed the 50 milligrams per day, the equivalent of half a Cup, however months ago the English authorities recommended not to exceed the two cups a day of coffee, approximately the equivalent of 200 milligrams.

The truth is that more milligrams, mg less coffee can bring nothing desired effects to the baby, that pregnancy is preferable to change habits and requires the traditional café with a cup of coffee with a lower caffeine content or replace one of the cups daily by an infusion.