Pregnant Much?

I was sure I was going to roll at least a ~ textão ~ here on the blog during this period of pregnancy, just didn’t know it would be so soon. I’ve talked here before about the freedom that people think they have to take account of the weight of the other.

Pregnancy is a delicate and sensitive period for a woman. Not only by the hormonal charge, but for all changes, longings and insecurities. The legal side, is that almost all people around can capture this tune, they see a certain magic in the figure of the woman and are kinder than usual.

Almost all of them. And then, before you start part polemic, I mean I know that some do not do any harm. Including friends and dear readers are included there. But I think this kind of debate has to happen, so who does accidentally pass to see the other side of the thing. Keep quiet in the face of something that we don’t think is right, does not bring development.

The boring comments that I have received are always about the size of the stomach. Why not just that women be whole life measures, it is clear that the lookout would continue in this phase.

The whole life: your butt is not large enough, the belly is not high enough, the hair is not smooth enough, the leg is thin enough, the skin is not browned enough… Some people seem to have you look with the measuring tape in hand! Is a constant pressure in a ideal of beauty invented that depletes us. The novelty is that now apparently my belly is too big for a 15 weeks pregnant. And you can get more from listofusnewspapers.


It seems that there is a Convention of people inconvenience that defined the perfect size of the pregnant belly. Not too big nor too small, they say. Because if the stomach does not appear in a given month, is also a problem for these people.

Yesterday I received a comment like: “Read, or are you doing the count of weeks wrong or have two babies. This was only one of several, see?! My friends asking if I was sure that there were two. Of course dear, I asked the other baby hiding in ultrasound to surprise his father. In August, during childbirth, I’m going to scream and tell that they’re twins, bora bend the trousseau. kkkk

If I were writing a manual of good sense, I think the rule would be: the question that you will do will leave the pregnant without having to answer for? So don’t do it.

This type of comment is completely unfounded, each woman is one way, so their bellies and uterus are different. I tell you, at this stage, it has nothing to do with the size of the baby. “Your baby will be big guy, right?”-Friend, you’re psychic or from the future? This then the doctor tells me in the last quarter. Stop comparing women. In fact, an appeal even more important: women, stop comparing women, have more empathy.

Create virtually “from scratch” a human being for 9 months in the US, is a very crazy thing that sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. The only thing ~ ~ material that I have to live this dream as long as the baby is not my belly. And she looks beautiful, I fall in love by my baby every day because of it. Display proud, tight clothes, get the affection of my husband, I put the hand holding for photos, empino!

I speak for myself and for other pregnant women who don’t need any comment that could generate repression insecurity about being “too pregnant” or “not being pregnant enough”. Okay understood?

>> Wrote this text and took this picture two weeks ago, but was in doubt or not posting this post. I am currently 17 weeks … but the comments continue …:P

PS: “big belly” is different from “are you expecting twins?” see? Don’t worry! ♥