Pregnancy: Folic Acid Is Important

The best care of the baby starts before his birth. Folic acid plays an important role. That is why the vitamin is so important in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Folic Acid Is Important

A balanced diet is the key to health – and this is especially true for pregnant women. However, even those who regularly use fruit, vegetables and whole grain products have a high probability of a deficiency of folic acid. The vitamin B is an important building block in any cell regeneration and cell division processes of the organism. Pregnant women therefore have a very high demand. Folic acid paves the way for a healthy development of the embryo, in particular the neural tube.

Daily Demand For Folic Acid Doubles

Especially in the first three months of the pregnancy, the daily requirement of folic acid is doubled. Normally, if 400 micrograms of folic acid are administered to an adult, pregnant women are advised to take 800 micrograms per day. The increased folic acid requirement is primarily covered by the intake of folic acid preparations.

The water-soluble B vitamin is also found in foods such as rosacea, papaya, black-eye beans, asparagus or broccoli, but is very sensitive to light and heat. They usually combine foods containing the naturally occurring folate and supplement it with synthetically produced folic acid in the form of tablets.

Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

Those who are in the middle of family planning should start taking folic acid at least four weeks before the planned pregnancy. So your body creates a small supply that supplies the embryo with the vitamin. The exact dosage is best described with your female doctor.

If you do not have the chance to prepare for your pregnancy, it is important that you start taking folic acid as soon as possible.

What Are The Consequences Of Folic Acid Deficiency?

Folic acid in an embryo mainly supports the development of the central nervous system. If there is not enough of the vitamin, there may be so-called neural tube defects. From the neural tube, which is the first stage of the development of the central nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain later arise. A timely intake of folic acid, for example, prevents an open back (spina bifida) or a cleft lip and palate. In addition, there should be a connection between folic acid pregnant fahsion deficiency and premature births as well as heart defects.

Multiple Signs Of Folic Acid Deficiency

Naturally, a folic acid deficiency can also be determined independently of pregnancy. The signs are from fatigue to irritability to weakness and shortness of breath. The reason is usually a certain form of anemia (blood loss), in which the red blood cells are too large. Exactly whether you are actually suffering from a deficiency of folic acid, provides a blood count.