Postpartum Dressing

Just as they say that the baby’s first months are actually a fourth trimester of pregnancy, so prematurely all humans are born, we can well say that the belly that stays after the birth is a fourth trimester of pregnancy, since the body does not Back to what it was instantly. 

There are mothers who recover quickly, there are mothers that nevertheless, there are pregnancies in the same mother who are different in everything, even in postpartum recovery. Each case is a case, but there is always an extra belly, some curves that we did not expect to continue to see and that cost to disappear. But they may not cost so much to disguise. Here are some ideas on how to dress in the postpartum, to feel good, to help ourselves in this period and to make the most of the challenges that motherhood throws at our body.

-Do not discard the clothes of pregnant , she will continue to serve in the postpartum. You will have a pregnancy belly, it will only be less months. So, pants of pregnant with band, raised leggings, give a pressing in the belly;Wide tops, cardigans, can continue to be used, especially if they can be adapted to breastfeeding, for those who choose to do it.

– Walking dressed at home (pajamas all day and depressing !!): create a uniform (leggings, t-shirt and gown, for example) and wear it in variations every day. It does not have to be elaborate, but it will be enough to get you out of pajama-o-day-all, the most depressing thing on earth. Plus, it allows you to leave the house in an instant, if it has to be, or if you can get one open for a solo jump to the grocery store. Believe me, you will know the vacation! If your uniform is of a quality, wear a coat, a scarf and sunglasses, and you are ready to leave. See the galley for ideas here.

-Bet on  neutral colors that combine without pimples and can be combined with all other colors of your wardrobe: black, white, gray, camel, dark blue, gangue and for me, animal print. In case of existential doubt or about to have a fit of nerves, black eyesight, you can not go wrong.

Whether you like it or not, leggings are super comfortable and practical when you are pregnant and even when you are in the period of going back to the old ways. While you can walk as freely as possible to take care of your baby, use them equally as the base of your uniform, along with a cotton top, and then wear a shirt or tunic over it, Nightgowns, whatever you want to compose the look. She’s dressed. To leave, you may prefer to replace the leegings with dark skinnys (black and dark blue, not bleached), narrow or right-cut pants at best, they are ideal for the underside as they thin the silhouette.

– Breastfeeding shirts or tunics with buttoning and V neckline: If you are breastfeeding, buttoned parts, deep necklines in U or V and baggy T-shirts give you quick access to mamocas to be able to breastfeed without major constraints. If they are long (as the tunics naturally are), so much the better, as they disguise a larger tail and can be worn with comfortable leggings and sweats. If they are short versions, they can work well with knee skirts or upholstered waist pants for more adventurous occasions. The U- or V-neck also helps to look slimmer.

-Good coats on all occasions: all kinds of coats, from knit coats, long blazers, overcoats, everything will be good to use to cover the sides of the trunk, arms, tail, creating a column effect in its silhouette.

-The column effect : dark and simple base parts-tops, trousers, skirts, outer parts (coats, overcoats) lighter or at least in a different tone, always open, letting the underwear glimpse, are the ideal trick To deceive the eye of others to think that its silhouette is the column  (hey la!) That lies between the open coat. It works!

-If you liked wearing them during pregnancy, give up maxi dresses for a good time. While walking with your hands full with a baby on your lap, you will not be able to grab your skirt to climb stairs, but stumble into them until you get all dirty, or worse, fall! With a baby in your arms… it does not suit you! The length of dresses and skirts ideal for this height will be theaverage lengths: disguise the lace hairs, are elegant and allow movements.

-Tailored and reinforced underwear : for a little more confidence and safety in the belly zone, nothing like underwear or waist strap uphill and strong control. The smoothing effect and reduction of centimeters is shocking and will feel safer (literally!).

-Accessories: in the postpartum, put aside rings and bracelets with shapes that can hurt the baby and later, necklaces and earrings that will be promptly drawn by your little angel. Keep it simple, at least at home, where you will spend most of the time. Bet on scarves, sunglasses, beautiful and simple bracelets, little treats that will make the difference in the look when you leave. The better you are, the better your look will turn out. They make up the look.

-Jumping: forget the high heels for a while, now with the baby needs a good footing flat on the floor. To make your hands as free as possible (you’ll miss them elsewhere, you’ll see!), Think of pretty sabers, medium-heeled boots, and trendy sneakers, which fit without laces, from a thread.

-Resist the temptation to walk with a baby pink malona to keep baby’s little things. There are options in the market more subtle and elegang or you will certainly be able to disenchant a wallet xxl that has at home or even a backpack to transform into the baby’s bag. And you do not need a pharmacy and a fair inside. Baby Diaper Essentials: Two diapers, napkins, cloth diaper, a body and a baby grow or overalls are all you need to take a walk around and still risk having a baby in an accident mode.