Plus Size Lingerie Campaign

The fashion world is always a spoon to turn your strong week upside down. This time it was the lingerie brand campaign Chief of Lane Bryant for plus size girls. Entitled to #ImNoAngel, the brand is opposed to beauty and slender bodies aura created by your rival brand Victoria’s Secret that calls your team of “angels” and celebrates the thinness in fashion shows incredible with celebrities and pop icons on the runway once a year!

To explain better, Lane Bryant is a brand plus size with the proposal to offer clothes, shoes and accessories for women who, erroneously, are referred to as “nonstandard” dictated by the fashion world. And the brand has a line of lingerie called Cacique–campaigns always tasteful and parts that meet the real needs of voluptuous women. And you can get more from Microedu.

For Linda Heasley, CEO and President of Lane Bryant, in an interview for the Racked, claims that “Our #ImNoAngel campaign was created to empower all women who love every part of your body […] the Lane Bryant believes strongly that is a sexy brand and we want to encourage women to be confident and show it to yourform.

Plus size campaign is really super nice because I believe that you need to know to appreciate, regardless of your mannequin, the lingerie should not anything super sexy models Victoria’s Secret proposes and let the powerful women! Best of all? The brand delivery in Brazil! So, if you enjoyed the campaign, can play with the credit card. And watch this super cool video with the plus size models!

What do you think of plus size campaigns?

Photos: Reproduction

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