Plus Size Fashion for Moms

Often, Tess Holliday took the floor to defend the causes in which she believed.After showing his disagreement with the policy of Trump, the young woman returns today to reassure new mothers on their body changed by their pregnancies. She invites them to accept themselves as they are and to ignore the criticism of others.It’s okay, Tess!

It is not always easy for women to accept the changes in their bodies. So when it comes to welcome a new being in the family, although this is a wonderful moment, it happens that they do not assume this new body that changes every week. And of course, it is difficult to the pressure of today’s society, pushing women to find their line just after putting their babies in the world. Tess Holliday has understood and has decided to respond. The more size model who gave birth to a second child six months ago tried to help new Moms who are struggling to get used to the idea of the stretch marks,cellulite and all these changes that can be associated with a pregnancy.  And you can also buy something for your mother, such as,pants, shoes, beautiful jeans. Therefore, social networks that Tess has pushed this mug shot, by posting a selfie in her underwear, accompanied by an inspiring message that should help all the Moms of the world.

“I have the impression that each passing day is a battle to learn to love my body post-delivery. Six months ago, my stomach is reduced, my chest has a different shape and of new stretch marks have appeared. I feel more than ever like an outsider in my own body. I had not at all see that coming. I’m not used to look in the mirror and feel not to recognize me, but unfortunately that’s what I live some day. I hesitated on the fact to post this or not, but I think it’s important to be honest about the reality of being a high-profile woman, who just had a baby recently and the pressure that we put on the shoulders of the new moms to “lose the baby weight”. I was fat, I carried a baby healthy and guess what? I’m always big… and What does is not serious. I don’t absolutely take the resolution to lose weight in 2017, but only to work on myself to know my body, and learn to love him and feed him. There is not one day without that [her boyfriend] Nick tells me how beautiful I am, but it is not the role of our companions to lighten our spirits, we must be our own supporters. So that’s what I’ll do, day after day. It is a journey, not a race. (And a very nice trip.”

All of these women who come to give life: do you accept! Thanks to Tess Holliday to spread this message of tolerance on social networks.