Photo of the Day-Old Navy

The photo of the day is the last order I just pick up at a friend’s House.


Some 2-3 times a year I buy on the internet and ask for someone who is going to the United States to bring me some pieces from Old Navy. Too bad I have to restrain myself because I can’t abuse the space in the trunk of who offered to bring!


For me there’s nothing like it in terms of cost benefit. The clothes are beautiful, flowers and with a good quality considering the value. For those who don’t know, is the same group of Gap, but cheaper.


I always take the page of the shop that is on sale and buy everything that’s relabeled. And several times I was in physical stores, I found so much cheap as the site.


The sweatshirts and jackets are super hot and beautiful, and here in Brazil it is impossible to find something similar for as low. And always my darlings are the t-shirts. Since 12 months to Bruna uses only Old Navy.


Just so you can have an idea, this time were 4 hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, 3 1 1 1 tricot, leggings and jeans jacket color-10 pieces for $96.00, is very cheap?

And you can get more from And a good tip, the Old Navy Maternity has a lot of clothes for pregnant women. I don’t really like the style, but for those basic camisetinhas is very worthwhile.

The Old Navy delivery in Brazil, and even with all the fees and taxes due, if you buy parts rebranded still worth. Of course, that just doubling the value of the purchase. So if you are traveling or who bring, the better.

The hint of today!