Pantacourt or Pants

For those who like to follow the fashion world, surely you have heard of this controversial piece that is the pantacourt or short pants, as it is also called.

The pantacourt, has all this controversy because of its length.The trousers of midi length follow the pantalona style, with the broader and bulky bar, only that is between the knee or half of the cinnamon.

It may even be a controversial piece, but putting on the right look is the perfect bet to convince even twisting your nose into the short pants.

And if you do not know how to put together a perfect look with this type of piece, just keep an eye on the post’s tips and get it right on choosing the model and the complementary pieces, so you’ll have an incredible look!

Who can use Pantacourt? As?

Little Falls

Like any other piece of midi length, it is common for the short ones to be afraid of risking that length;But the truth is that the piece can indeed be part of the closet of women with little height.

So as not to miss the look and flatten the body more, there are some great tips:

  • Jumping: the old female ally is a trick and both to disguise at low height, even with the short pants. And to increase the feeling of long legs, invest in a nude shoe.
  • Monochrome Look: making a one-color composition is also a trick that stretches, since it does not create divisions limiting the trunk and legs.

·  Vertical line: Any detail that creates a vertical line along the look is welcome. Among the ideas to create this line, it is worth using vertical stripes, long necklace, V neckline; Blazer Large hips

The wide hip often annoys some women, and despite the fear in daring with heavier trousers like the pantacourt, the right modeling of the pants can even disguise the hip.

For those who are putting on the look, there are some considerations:

  • Monochrome: wearing pants and blouse of the same color helps to lengthen the body, and thus draw the focus from the wide hip.Just avoid the very light colors, which tend to enlarge the body.
  • Pockets: The pockets are practical, but avoid the pockets with lots of volume in the hip area as they may increase this area.
  • Straight modeling: Straighter cuts and low hip volume are ideal for disguising those who have the most hip.Opt for the loosest part from the knee.
  • Blouse : the composition also influences and a lot, and in the case of the blouse to be worn with the pant pants short, the ideal is a model that is at hip height, but without adding volume in that area.The blouses that call attention to the shoulder are also great bets, because they take the focus of the quarry.


Plus size women are also usually afraid of this style of play.And having a little medley is not all bad, so we are more cautious when choosing the right look and razing the look.

If the idea is to be fashionable with the pantacourt, but without increasing the measures, let’s go to the tips:

  • Vertical line: bet on the detail of the vertical line, which tends to lengthen the silhouette and consequently gives impression of less pounds.Among the stakes for the vertical line, wear blazer, vertical stripes, V neckline, long necklace.
  • Monochrome Look: Maintaining a one-color look is also one of the bets for displaying the look with short pants.The unique color lengthens the body.
  • Mark the waist: do not use all the wide pieces, as this can give impression of a larger body.To avoid this mistake, bet on a piece or detail that marks the waist, leaving the look more acted.
  • Footwear: Just like the short ones, the chubby women can bet on the heel to lengthen their legs, and the nude color continues as a hint to further lengthen their legs.


For pregnant women who love the fashion world, it may seem like a challenge to choose a fashion look without going wrong. And you can get more from

And one of the fashion bets for looks of pregnant women is the pantacourt. The controversial piece calls for some combinations and care:

  •   Footwear : The heels lengthen yes, but if your doctor has already advised you to avoid jumping, a great trick is thin-tipped sneakers. The shoe lengthens and maintains the elegance of the look, besides leaving the pregnant woman in safety and comfortable.
  • Blouse: As the pants are already wider, it is better to wear a tighter blouse on the body to mark the belly and thus leave the pregnancy in evidence.

Short Pant Trousers Models


The short pants jeans models are a more casual variation of the piece, and look great for making casual looks and day to day.


The pantacourt leather models are perfect bets for tidier looks, and for fall days.

The fabric leaves the most striking look and is a perfect bet to be featured in the look.


The mesh is a super comfortable material and if you value comfort, this is the ideal fabric for the short pant.

However, this type of fabric is less formal and the knit trousers look like a proposal to look comfortable and day to day.


Unlike the mesh, linen is the perfect option for those who want to leave the look with a more formal and neat touch.

In the case of the short linen trousers, the piece becomes a work-look option or can be used with other styles for a more modern trend.


The envelope pants are very characteristic of traditional pantaloons, but also appear on short pants.

The detail envelope is a cross overlay on the traditional modeling of the pants.Generally, this type of detail is made in more structured fabrics, and looks gorgeous for a look with linen pants or tailoring.


The pleated detail of the fabric is gorgeous, but always adds more volume to the piece.Therefore, the pleated pantacourt is ideal for those who have little hip and have no problem in adding more volume in this region of the body.


For those who do not err at all in the look, you can bet on the vertical stripes pattern.

The controversial striped pants help to stretch the legs, and thus less sensation of height.


For those who want a look with the face of spring-summer , the floral print is one of the proposals.

In this type of print, the tip is to use neutral compositions, keeping the highlight only for the pants.


The plaid print is widely used on shirts ;But it is also an option for the short pants.

In the case of this print on the pants, the controversy may be that the pants look like pajamas, so bet on the composition with more formal pieces, such as blazer and jump.


There are several variations of prints that can be used in pantacourt.And when it comes to choosing the ideal look, the trick is to bet on a smooth, solid color blouse that is wild;Or be bolder and invest in a mix of prints with a blouse from another print.


One variation of the shorts pant is the overalls.This type of piece is a perfect bet for a monochrome look, and impossible to be more bent than the join of pantacourt with overalls.

How to use Pantacourt? Shoes and Looks

With body

The body is a great piece to match with the pantacourt, after all the slim pants look great with the shirt more tight to the body.

In this proposal of look, the bet was for a more formal composition and the combination of black and white (B & W).

With cropped

For a more fashionista look, it pays to play in the short pants cropped look.In this composition, the bet was for a total jeans look, with clear pieces.

On the feet, the nude scarpin helps to lengthen the body.

With T-shirt

To get away from the more formal look, it’s worth doing the pantacourt mix with tighter shirt (T-shirt) and create a more modern look.

In this B & W look, the printed shirt becomes the highlight of the look.

With shirt

If the idea is to put on a more formal look, it is worth inspiring the combination of pantacourt shirt and pants.

In the proposal, the visual B & W is majority and to give a differentiated touch the bet was by the sneaker.

With blazer

The third piece is always joker to value the look, and with the blazer it is not different.

In the look, the black pants were worn with blazers of the same color, and to break the whole formal look, the bet was for the gray T-shirt, which passes a younger style to the look.

With sneaker

The thin metallic shoe was the bet for this look.The thin beak helps to lengthen the leg, despite the underfoot.

And the brightness of the shoe leaves the look tidier and matches the details of the blouse.

With creeper

If the idea is to set a look for hot days, bet on the look with a little dress.

In this case, the bet was for a day-to-day look, and the white pants were worn with crocheted cropped and gladiatorial underwear.

With flatform

If you want to unite fashion trends, bet on the pantacourt look with flatform .

As inspiration for this combination, the look shows a mix of floral pants with the white sandal matching the cropped.

With sneakers

For a more modern look, white sneakers, All Star or Oxford are perfect bets.

These shoes follow a more casual style and leave the look comfortable for the day to day.

With boot

If the idea is to wear the short pants during the cold days, it is worth rescuing the boot and make the mix between these two pieces, as shown in the look.

In this type of combination, avoid short boots, which tend to flatten the silhouette.

With heel/scarf sandals

The jump is a classic tip to lengthen and take away the prejudice with the pantacourt.

And in this proposal of look, the combination is of a blue look with nude sandals, color that lengthens the legs.

With platform Anabela

The look with anabela or platform is one of the ways to gain height, but to keep the feet more comfortable than in a fine heel.

In this case, the nude and anabela espadrilhe was the bet to compose the summer look.

Now that you have seen how to use and pantacourt, I wonder if you would risk this trend of the fashion universe or if you keep twisting your nose !?